What Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s isolation style is telling us

The two royal mums know a thing or two about fashion.
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Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are fashion icons in their own right, even when they’re in the comfort of their own homes.

While we might have assumed that isolation would mean seeing less of our favourite royals, quite the opposite has been quickly proven – the age-old British Firm is fast-adapting to this temporary new norm of working from home, and video calls are the name of the game.

Kate Middleton has quickly become a pro at bringing us peak video call fashion inspiration – who knew that would ever be a thing?

(Kensington Royal)

In a series of clips that have been released since lockdowns were enforced across the world, we’ve seen Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle wholeheartedly get on board the video call train.

Seeing them remain just as poised, eloquent and in their element despite trying circumstances is exciting enough in its own right.

But for some of us, there’s one big thing we also can’t help but obsess over – their isolation style.

ICYMI: Meghan Markle is also well and truly aboard the video calling band wagon.

(Instagram / The Felix Project)

With both royal women working in separate countries, and on varying levels (Meghan’s decision to step back as a senior royal no doubt gives her a little more freedom in the wardrobe department nowadays), it was interesting to see how they approached their video call attire.

For us in our own homes, Zoom call style often takes the “party up the top, pyjamas down the bottom” approach.

And perhaps the same goes for Meghan and Kate, but when it comes to said “party up the top”, there’s no denying they really know how to party.

WATCH: Kate Middleton & Prince William speak to BBC Breakfast from their country home via a video call. Story continues below…

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Looking at the signature styles of both Kate and Meghan, it’s possible to dissect distinct differences between their styles.

Where Kate has embraced the modest, regal style so often aligned with royal dressing (read: skirt suits, midi dresses and blazers), Meghan has often emanated her Californian roots with cool, casual ensembles.

And it seems isolation has done nothing to change that.

Earlier in April, images of Kate wearing a chic orange jumper from Zara swept the world.

Of course, seeing the Duchess wear something so casual (and from the High Street, no less) was surprising – yet she still looked all class in the bright design.

The same could be said for her stripy top she was next seen wearing in a video call from her lounge room while speaking on BBC Breakfast.

Her crew-neck sweater was designed by Breton, and retails for more than AUD $600, which might be stretching our budgets a little.

That said, there’s no denying Kate has stayed very true to her signature style even in isolation – something we can all take notes from.

Check out our favourite dupes of Kate’s at-home style below:

Kate’s stripy jumper is perfect for those WFH Zoom calls.

(Kensington Royal)

This crew-neck style from Boden is comfortable, chic and perfect for those couch-based video conference calls. $50, buy it online here.

If you’re after something a little darker toned, this Marks & Spencer pure merino jumper is the perfect at-home addition. $62.50, buy it online here.

Meghan Markle on the other hand is all about the three c’s when it comes to her isolation style choices – cool, comfy and chic.

In her video call to women from the Hubb Community Kitchen over the weekend, the Duchess wore the ultimate simplicity staple – a plain white t-shirt.

This well and truly aligns with her current living arrangement – she is quite literally embodying the “LA cool girl” vibe as we speak.

With this in mind, seeing her opt for such a simple staple wasn’t all too surprising.

And even better for us, it’s all-too-easy to recreate this look at home. You’ll more than likely already have a white-tee in your wardrobe.

Or if you’d like to mix things up a bit, you can always opt for a fun printed tee that’ll still exude Meghan-esque simplicity while adding a little extra something to your WFH attire.

Check out our favourite dupes of Meghan’s at-home style below:

Meghan’s plain white tee only reiterates her down-to-earth vibe.

(Instagram / The Felix Project)

We’re not lying when we say you can literally copy Meghan’s style with just a couple of dollars to spare. This plain white t-shirt from Kmart is $2.75. We’ll just let that one sink in. Buy it online here.

Or if you’re wanting to mix things up a tad, this Harley Davidson printed tee exudes Meghan-Markle’s cool girl vibe without going overboard. $59, buy it online via The Iconic here.

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