The Queen just broke her silence on Duchess Meghan’s latest public appearances

She's charmed the world, but what does the Queen think?
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There’s no denying Duchess Meghan’s unwavering elegance and drive for causes she’s passionate about – and she’s now proved she’ll really stop at nothing.

Just weeks out from giving birth, the heavily pregnant royal’s work ethic has been praised even by one of the most powerful people in Britain for her stamina after touring Morocco with husband Prince Harry in February.

Indeed Queen Elizabeth herself has reportedly weighed in on Meghan’s hard work, saying she was “amazed” by her “energy and stamina” in light of her determination to see her work through to the end – no matter how much her tummy grows.

Meghan has impressed the Queen with her “energy and stamina”. (Image: Getty)

Speaking to respected royal reporter Kate Nicholl of Vanity Fair, a royal source revealed: “The Queen is amazed by the duchess’s energy and stamina given that she is so heavily pregnant.”

The source went on to explain for the Queen’s generation, pregnant women did things quite differently, choosing to hide their bump and put their feet up at the later stages of their pregnancy – but not Meghan.

“She respects hard work and loyalty above everything,” the source said.

WATCH: Heavily pregnant Duchess Meghan curtsies to foreign monarch during her royal tour of Morocco. Story continues after video…

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And in fact, Meghan has impressed the Queen so much that the source revealed the she may even write Meghan and Harry a thank-you note to share her gratitude for their dedication during the royal tour of Morocco.

“There may well be a letter waiting for the duke and duchess when they return,” the source said.

Impressing the Queen is no small feat, in fact it’s very rare for her to open up praise for her family for carrying out their legal duties.

With this in mind, our admiration for a heavily pregnant Meghan who continues to get out and about, bending, crouching and chatting away like it’s no big deal, is completely valid – despite the size of her rotund baby bump!

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Meghan hasn’t held back from embracing the royal tour in Morocco, despite being heavily pregnant. (Image: Getty)

Meghan and Harry’s royal tour of Morocco came to a close after three days of activities for the young parents-to-be.

The pair met with a number of charities and spoke about social issues surrounding the country – particularly for women.

On their second day, Harry and Meghan visited the town of Asni to learn about a Moroccan Non-Government-Organisation called Education For All, which works to create safe environments for girls by housing them in dormitories right next to their schools.

Meghan wore three different stunning outfits in one day alone during her royal tour of Morocco! (Image: Getty)

A staunch feminist herself, the visit was a poignant one for Meghan who harbours a strong passion for women’s rights and their access to education.

The following day, the pair visited a social entrepreneurs market where they spoke to creatives about their work.

Harry shared his thoughts on the importance of recycling with one guest, Youssef Chaqor, who runs a recycling company called Eko-Geste.

Harry told him that he needed to put more pressure on big companies, encouraging them to recycle.

Now, the pair will head back to London where their public appearances will soon become few and far between as Meghan prepares to give birth to their first child.

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for another glorious display from the two, but we won’t blame them if they opt for a sneaky extra hour’s sleep either!

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