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Duchess Meghan just hosted a secret meeting with Jacinda Ardern, and it went down a treat

Big things are happening for these two female powerhouses.

By Jess Pullar
Duchess Meghan is fast gaining reputation for holding secret meetings with some of the world's most influential (and stylish) figures.
First was her 'power meeting' with former first lady Michelle Obama, then came the secret brunch of dreams where she hosted pal and makeup artist Daniel Martin, complete with her signature dish - smashed avo.
And now, the pregnant royal has topped it off with a not-so-secret meeting with none other than New Zealand's groundbreaking Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern.
But what they met to discuss wasn't strictly business for these two female powerhouses.
Meghan and Jacinda hit it off from the get go during last year's royal tour. (Image: Getty)
On Monday, January 21, Duchess Meghan hosted Jacinda while the PM was paying a visit to the UK.
Markle welcomed her for the private meeting in Kensington Palace, where they discussed the Duke and Duchesses recent visit to New Zealand in October last year.
The two female leaders took the opportunity to reflect on the royal tour, with royal reporter Omid Scobie saying Meghan was "pleased to have the chance to thank the PM for the wonderful hospitality [she and Harry] received from the people of New Zealand last year."
The pair attended a number of engagements together while in New Zealand. (Image: Getty)
While in New Zealand last year, Meghan and Harry attended a number of events with Jacinda, including a welcome reception dinner at Government House in Wellington.
The two royals and Jacinda also attended an engagement at the Auckland War Memorial Museum.
Scobie provided some rare insight into what it was like for the Kiwi PM, saying she came away from meeting Meghan and Harry feeling "impressed".
"The Duke and Duchess are both very warm people... They really care about the work they do, they take their service seriously and I have a lot of respect for that," she told Scobie.
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And it was clear from the beginning that the royals and Ardern, who are all similar in age, would get along like a house on fire.
The New Zealand PM even went so far as to gift Prince Harry a CD by Christchurch-based drum and bass act Shapeshifter on his arrival.
"[This is] because it includes a track titled Dutchies, which is the song that the All Blacks [New Zealand's rugby team] enter onto the field with, including at Twickenham," she explained to The New Zealand Herald
Meanwhile Meghan received a stunning pair of earrings by Boh Runga, a Kiwi designer.
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The two royals and Jacinda are all similar in age - and tastes! (Image: Getty)
Jacinda, who welcomed her baby girl in June last year, becoming only the second woman to ever give birth while in office.
"We'd been told we'd struggle to have kids without help, so it was a genuine surprise, but an exciting one," she told The Weekly last year.
"I was really conscious I needed to balance making sure I had recovered enough with baby, while also needing to fulfil the job I've been elected to do as Prime Minister."
With Meghan due to give birth in the coming months, it seems these two influential woman have a lot to share with the world - and their impeccable style is just the beginning!
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