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BREAKING: New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern has gone into labour - and she's making history as she does it

Upon giving birth, Jacinda will be NZ’s first female leader to give birth while in power.

By Ellie McDonald
Just months ago, The Weekly visited New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her partner, TV fisherman Clarke Gayford, at their home in Point Chevalier, Auckland, to talk politics - oh, and pregnancy.
And now it is being reported that Jacinda, 37, has gone into labour, having been admitted into hospital.
Jacinda and Clarke take a walk around the Fieldays in Mystery Creek on June 14, 2018 in Hamilton, New Zealand just days ahead of her due date of Sunday, June 17.
Jacinda and Clarke deep in conversation on one of Jacinda's last Prime Ministerial duties over the weekend.
According to 9 News, The Prime Minister's Office stated that Ms Ardern had been admitted to Auckland City Hospital in the early hours of this morning with her partner, Clarke, closely by her side.
Previously reported by The Weekly, Jacinda's positive pregnancy test not only came as a pleasant surprise to us, but to the newly minted-PM-at-the-time, too.
Three months after being sworn in as New Zealand's Prime Minister on October 25, Jacinda Ardern announced that she was expecting her first child.
"We'd been told we'd struggle to have kids without help, so it was a genuine surprise, but an exciting one," she said.
"I was really conscious I needed to balance making sure I had recovered enough with baby, while also needing to fulfil the job I've been elected to do as Prime Minister."
As for who would stay home and look after the baby when he/she was born, Jacinda and her partner, Clarke, didn't make the decision lightly.
"We weighed it up and we decided that her job was possibly slightly more important," he told us.
"It was always on the cards to work out that way. I've always been completely supportive of Jacinda and I believe in what she's trying to achieve for New Zealand. So, it was easy for me to make that call. There are plenty of males out there that do that."
More to come as we find out when Jacinda gives birth!

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