Queen Margrethe of Denmark no longer in the public’s favour

But why?
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Just days after returning home from her relaxing trip to Australia, Princess Mary has found herself thrust right back into the chaos of family life, with rumours swirling Queen Margrethe is reconsidering her future as monarch amid the fallout of her controversial decision to strip her son Prince Joachim and his wife Princess Marie’s four children of their titles.

On the same day the family were out in force attending the New Year’s Gala Dinner in Copenhagen, Queen Margrethe’s title decision came into effect.

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“Margrethe never anticipated that her choice would have such a catastrophic effect on her reign, but with her public approval plummeting, she is wisely considering all options, the first of which is to have Fred and Mary take over most of her official engagements,” a royal insider shares.

“There is enormous pressure on her to step aside and let her more popular son and daughter-in-law step up and save the monarchy, but right now the queen is still digesting the huge backlash against her.”

Despite the 82-year-old’s best efforts to address her family scandal publicly, she has been hit with fresh reports she’s made no effort to see her grandchildren.

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Her daughter-in-law Princess Marie isn’t pulling any punches, giving another bombshell interview hinting at the animosity within her husband’s family.


The 46-year-old also raised eyebrows when she skipped the family’s annual New Year’s gala dinner. While reports suggested she stayed home to care for her son Count Henrik, who was sick, others suggested the family fallout was the real reason Marie decided not to attend.

“Things couldn’t be worse behind the scenes… Marie’s absence was a clear message but a clever one – it’s hard to say a word when there’s a sick child involved,” says a royal insider.

Marie and Joachim, who have been based in Paris for the past two years, are planning to put even more distance between them and the queen with a planned move to Washington DC, USA, later this year.

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Sources say Margrethe knows she has to act.

“It’s coming up to five years since the death of her husband and she hasn’t been the same. Henrik managed the emotional affairs of the family and she’s been unable to bridge that gap. Having trained all her life for duty, she’s going to come across as emotionless and uncaring in the absence of Henrik.”

So, insiders say, she’s asked Fred and Mary to perform more of her public duties but she also needs them to pick up where Henrik left off and Mary is the perfect peacemaker. “The queen sees her as crucial to saving the monarchy, even before she sits down on that throne.”

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