Wild new reports allege Prince Joachim has a secret crush on Princess Mary

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Prince Frederik’s feud with his brother Prince Joachim has been catapulted to new heights after wild allegations suggested the younger sibling had long been harbouring romantic feelings for his sister-in-law Princess Mary.

“With obvious signs of drunkenness, it seems that the youngest son of Queen Margrethe tried to stamp his lips on his sister-in-law’s mouth,” a source claimed to Spanish magazine Vanitatis El Confidencial.

“[Mary] got out of the way as she could and with an unperturbed smile, while [Joachim’s wife] Marie witnessed the embarrassing moment.”

It could explain the rift between Mary and her husband.

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The publication also went on to allege that Joachim, 53, was “deeply in love” with Mary, 50, and “it didn’t help that in 2007 he announced his engagement to a French girl [Marie] with the same name and a striking physical resemblance”.

If the shocking allegations are true, it may explain the deep rift between Mary’s husband, future king Frederik, 54, and his brother. The Danish royal family is splintered down the middle after Margrethe, 82, stripped her younger son Joachim’s children of their royal titles late last month.


Insiders say the brothers’ long-simmering tensions could well have stemmed from Joachim’s misguided affections.

Does Joachim have misguided affection towards Princess Mary?

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“Fred and Joachim haven’t been close for years, and this so-called crush on Mary could very much be the reason why,” an insider tells Woman’s Day exclusively.

“It also explains why Mary and Marie have clearly never been very close, despite being sisters-in-law.”

Vanitatis El Confidencial alleges that the rift between Fred and Joachim’s families became so noticeable that Margrethe “called them to order” and “started a campaign to show that there were no problems between the two women”.

Insiders tell Woman’s Day that Margrethe tried for years to brush her sons’ feud under the rug, but eventually it all came to a head.

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Fred’s fury at his brother was also said to be part of the reason his mother publicly stripped her younger son’s children of their prince and princess titles.

“Joachim is furious about how it’s all played out, and blames Fred’s ego and his powers of persuasion over their mother,” says a source.

“Joachim hasn’t publicly denied his crush on Mary, but of course he’s been forced to do it privately. According to him, he and his family have been left out in the cold, thanks to petty family squabbles and salacious rumours.”

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