REVEALED: Queen Elizabeth has a secret diary and we can only imagine what’s written in it

It's full of royal secrets!
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Queen Elizabeth is one elusive lady. The monarch has certainly seen some things in her 67 years on the throne so we bet she has some fantastic stories to tell.

But now, it’s been revealed that Her Majesty keeps a secret diary and writes an entry every night no less.

Monty Python actor Michael Palin learned this interesting fact when he was seated next to Her Majesty during an official dinner at Windsor Castle following his knighthood and told her that he himself kept a nightly journal.

“We were talking about diaries after I had mentioned that I kept a nightly journal of where I’d been and the people I encountered, she said she did too, the difference being that while mine may have been for publication hers were definitely not.”

“She commented that she found it quite difficult because it always made her a bit wooly and said, ‘I usually manage to write for about 15 minutes before my head goes bump’, and then she did an imitation of her head hitting the table, as if she had fallen asleep.”

We can only imagine what she wrote in her diary after this happened.

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Royal expert Hugo Vickers says the Queen started writing daily entries when she was a teenager after seeing her father, King George VI do the same.

And if you think you’ll ever get a sneak peek in there, think again! Lizzie’s diaries are guarded with the utmost security– not only are her aides reportedly instructed to destroy the bottling paper used to absorb the ink from her pen, but one of her personal page’s first duties in the morning is to get rid of the paper scraps so that the reverse impressions of what has been written can’t be read.

“The diary is taken with her wherever she is staying, whether it be Windsor or Sandringham or Balmoral, and is kept in a black leather case – a smaller version of one of the red dispatch boxes containing Government papers,” a royal source told The Daily Star.

The Queen has been writing a nightly diary since she was a teenager.

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The Queen’s diary probably comes in handy with the constant flurry of royal scandals.

Ever since their households split, rumours of an ongoing feud between Princes William and Harry have been rife, but according to royal expert and Majesty Magazine editor Ingrid Seward, the Queen isn’t happy about what’s going on in the press.

“Her Majesty does not care for the alleged feuding amongst her grandchildren William and Harry,” Seward told The Sun, “That would make her very sad. But she would never interfere with their lives.”

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While her high profile grandchildren are constantly dealing with media attention, Seaward reveals that her other granddaughter Zara Tindall and her husband Mike are a breath of fresh air for the Queen.

“They are certainly light relief,” Seward reported. “She can be herself around them.”

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