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If you think Meghan and Harry's Frogmore renovations were expensive, wait till you hear how much Kate and Wills spent on theirs

The royals certainly don't do things by halves...

When a new report revealed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had spent millions of taxpayer dollars on their new home renovations, the world was a little taken aback.
Their renovations to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor amounted to a total cost of AUD $4.4 million, which was covered by the Sovereign Grant paid for by British taxpayers.
The figure came as a shock to many, with one journalist calling it a "sick joke", while residents across Britain have also reportedly been outraged by the news.
But there's something else to the story that might serve as a handy reminder to those thinking the costly renovations were simply the result of Harry and Meghan's expensive taste.
While the $4.4 million sum is no small feat, it pays to remember that it wasn't so long ago that the cost of William and Kate's refurbishment to their own home at Kensington Palace cost more than AUD $7 million.
Yep, the Cambridges also dabbled in their own Changing Rooms-esque exercise, and it certainly didn't come cheap!
It is understood Meghan and Harry's home reno job involved replacing some of the historic home's defective ceiling beams, as well as installing a new heating system and a rewired electrical system.
Meanwhile, Kate and Wills' upgrades included new heating, hot and cold water, the removal of asbestos and a "simple redecoration", according to People.
With this in mind, there's one thing that's certain here - royal refurbishments are a hefty exercise!
Kensington Palace (pictured), underwent its own major renovation job in 2014. (Getty)
Earlier this week, People also revealed that Meghan and Harry forked out their own cash for some additional bells and whistles for their new digs.
This included redecorating the exterior doors, windows and walls, as well as re-landscaping the garden.
Similarly, the publication reports Kate and Wills also spent their own money on a new kitchen and furnishings.
A source explained: "If a member of the royal family says, 'We want a better kitchen than you're prepared to provide with public money,' then that would fall to them privately and they would have to meet the cost. If they want that higher specification, they have to pay the extra."
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Furthermore, it was revealed on Tuesday that Meghan and Harry had not added a yoga studio to Frogmore Cottage, despite widespread rumours that the addition was on the cards for the couple.
The six-month renovation consisted of converting the 19th century cottage's dormitory-style units into a five-bedroom home.
The residence's upgrade comes as part of a wider AUD $100 million cash surge from the Queen to conserve royal palaces and residences - a lot of which was covered by the Sovereign Grant.
Keeper of the Privy Purse, Sir Michael Stevens told media that Frogmore Cottage's updates had been earmarked for a renovation before Harry and Meghan were confirmed to move in.
Meghan and Harry's new home was part of a wider restoration plan for the royal's regal residences. (Getty)

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