Camilla, the Queen Consort now known as “Queen Camilla”

This is against the wishes of Queen Elizabeth II.
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The former Duchess of Cornwall and wife of King Charles III, Camilla has dropped ‘consort’ from her royal titles following the coronation of her husband as King of the Commonwealth.

In an official Royal Warrant, the palace states that the title change be reflected “in every prayer for the Royal Family contained in any form of service authorized for use in the Church of England,” of which her husband is the Supreme Govenor.

Camilla herself was annointed Queen in the May 6th service.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall is now known as Queen Camilla.

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Just hours before the coronation, the British royal family website officially removed consort from Camilla’s title; putting an end to speculation that Camilla may still adopt the title of Queen Consort.

The title change had previously been confirmed by the royal family after the release of the ornate coronation invitations that were sent out to over 2000 guests.

It is public knowledge that prior to her passing in September 2022, Queen Elizabeth II ”sincerely wished” for her daughter-in-law to be recognised as ‘Queen Consort’.

This in itself was already a change in planned protocol, with the palace confirming that Camilla’s title after Charles’s ascension to the throne would be ”Princess Consort” when the pair married in 2005.

Camilla being crowned as “Queen” goes against the direct wishes of Queen Elizabeth II.

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However, whilst Camilla is going against her late mother-in laws wishes, her choice in title wasn’t a surprise to some royal experts.

Speaking with 9Honey, former Palace Press Secretary Dickie Arbiter previously said: ‘”Camilla is already Queen by virtue of being married to King Charles.”

And if we look back to history, the use of the title is not uncommon and would work to clear up any confusion in the public.

For example, the non-reigning wife of King George VI was officially titled as the Queen Consort but was referred to colloquially by the public as simply ‘Queen Elizabeth’.

Furthermore, the late Prince Phillip was known officially as Prince Consort, but more commonly referred to as the Duke of Edinburgh both in the public and press.

Charles was officially annointed as Prince of Wales on July 1st, 1969.

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”There is a view in the Palace that Queen Consort is cumbersome, and it might be simpler for Camilla to be known just as the Queen when the time is right,” a source told The Mail.

”Reading Room was a sign of that. Her Majesty is the Queen after all.

”There’s a feeling that the time will come when it’s simpler all round to refer to Camilla simply as our Queen. Until then she will be referred to as Queen Consort.”

The move isn’t the only change in tradition for the coronation with Buckingham Palace confirming that Camilla will also be crowned alongside her husband of 18 years at Westminster Abbey.

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