King Charles and Queen Camilla set to break records at the coronation

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King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla are set to break records during the upcoming coronation.

Firstly, once Charles and Camilla are officially crowned on May 6, they will be the eldest crowned King and Queen Consort in British history.

According to Sky History, the current record holder for oldest crowned king is King William IV – who ascended the throne in 1830 at 64 years of age.

Obviously, as Charles is 74 years old, he will easily break this record for oldest crowned king.

Charles and Camilla are set to become the oldest crowned King and Queen Consort in British history.

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Similarly, Queen Alexandra was crowned as Queen Consort in 1902 when she was 58 years old, and again, Camilla will easily break this record as she’s 75 years old.

These aren’t the only records set to break though.

In fact, Charles and Camilla’s coronation will be the first coronation of the 21st century; the last coronation was Queen Elizabeth II‘s in 1953 (the 20th century).

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Charles is no stranger to breaking records; in 2011, Charles became the longest-serving heir apparent in British history.

The record for that was previously held by King Edward VII – Charles’ great-great-grandfather – who was the heir apparent from 1841 to 1901.

Charles also became the longest-serving Prince of Wales in 2017.

Again, this record was previously held by Edward VII who held the Prince of Wales title for more than 59 years.

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