EXCLUSIVE: A horrified Princess Mary plans to remove son Christian from his prestigious school in light of bullying and abuse claims

''It’s heartbreaking for her.''
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It’s always assumed that when it comes to education, future kings and queens receive nothing but the very best at the most exclusive institutions available to them.

But the Danish royal family have been rocked by the revelation that the prestigious Herlufsholm School, where Prince Christian is in high school, is at the centre of devastating bullying and abuse claims.

A Danish insider tells Woman’s Day that Princess Mary is so horrified at the allegations she’s considering pulling her son from the exclusive boarding school and cancelling plans to send his younger sister, Isabella, 15, there in September as had been organised.

The royal couple quickly spoke out against the school’s behaviour.

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“Mary has said that anti-bullying is something she cares deeply about and it’s heartbreaking for her,” reveals the royal source. “She will speak to her children and take it extremely seriously.”

Earlier this month the documentary Herlufsholm’s Secrets caused shock across Denmark when it alleged the school had a culture of bullying and violence, with 50 former students presenting their experiences.

While there is no suggestion Christian, 16, is a victim of bullying or been involved in bullying anyone, the reaction from the Danish royal family was immediate.

“Mary has said that anti-bullying is something she cares deeply about and it’s heartbreaking for her.”

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“It is heartbreaking to hear about systematic bullying and about the culture of abuse and violence,” they wrote. “That is completely unacceptable. As parents, we expect the school to effectively ensure a culture where everyone is safe.”

In the aftermath, the principal has been sacked and the school, which has about 660 students, has given a formal apology and launched an “independent investigation” into the allegations.

“Herlufsholm is the most famous boarding school in the country,” explains the royal source. “The rule amongst the students is, ‘What happens at Herlufsholm stays at Herlufsholm’.”

They are cancelling their daughter Isabella’s enrolment at the school.

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Mary’s former sister-in-law Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg, whose 22-year-old son Prince Nikolai attended the school in the past, has also commented on the scandal, saying she is also “shaken” as her son has “only good memories from his school days”.

His father and Frederik’s brother, Prince Joachim, 52, also attended the school, which is popular with wealthy families who like its reputation for having a tough environment.

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Royal fans have taken to social media to demand that Christian be immediately removed from the school he only joined last September.

“That school is not the right place for the royal children,” one commenter wrote, while another demanded the royal family “lead by example” and remove their son.

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