Who does Prince Christian of Denmark look like? The handsome teen takes after an unlikely relative

He shares a striking similarity with an unlikely royal.

By Maddison Leach
There's no denying Prince Christian of Denmark has inherited some of his parents' best genes, but who does the handsome teen royal most resemble?
For years royal watchers have insisted he looks just like his father, Crown Prince Frederik, especially now that the 16-year-old is growing into a young man.
But another vocal group of fans, many of them Australian, feel he more closely resembles his Tasmanian-born mother Crown Princess Mary.
Prince Christian of Denmark with sister Princess Isabella. (Image: Getty)
The similarities between Christian and his mother are most obvious when he smiles, as he's inherited her winning grin.
But it turns out there's another unlikely royal relative the Danish prince also bears a remarkable resemblance to.
Keep scrolling to see which of his royal relatives Prince Christian looks most like.