NEW PHOTOS: Crown Princess Mary stuns in two relaxed new portraits ahead of her milestone 50th birthday

Why the royal is taking a more laid-back approach to life.
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The Danish royal family has released a pair of stunning new portraits of Crown Princess Mary ahead of her 50th birthday on February 5.

The first photo was released on Wednesday, followed by another picture on Thursday as the royal family prepare to celebrate Mary’s mileston.

Sitting quietly at a table in the Danish palace, Mary looks relaxed in the surprisingly informal first photo which was captured in what appears to be a moment of rest for the royal.

With her busy schedule and countless royal duties, it’s rare to see the 49-year-old simply taking a moment to herself in her own home.

Touching on how her milestone birthday has affected her mindset, the mum-of-four confessed that reaching 50 has given her a new sense of peace.

“Age has given me a sense of being a more whole person. To rest more in myself. To dare more,” Mary was quoted as saying in the caption.

The second image shows Mary seated in the palace again, this time facing the camera with a broad smile on her face.

Elegant as ever, the Tasmanian-born royal chose a flowing white blouse and matching trousers for the portrait, accessorising with gold jewellery.

The images have been shared as Mary opens up “about life now, before and in the future – and about finding her own way in the role of Crown Princess” to the media ahead of her birthday.

She’s given a number of rare interviews and even shared a glimpse of her stunning new pictorial memoir, Mary H.K.H., exclusively with The Weekly this month.

“Today, my life values are a mix of both Australian and Danish values,” one excerpt read.

“The Crown Prince and I have different roles and competencies and we, like most couples, find a good way to bring them together in a balanced way – we are good together. And together with our children, we make a strong team.”

The Crown Princess also reflected on her wedding day in 2004, revealing that she felt nothing but “warmth and joy” on the big day.

As well as a bit of “relief” when she finally stepped out of her stunning wedding gown, which the royal confessed was surprisingly heavy.

It was also revealed on Instagram that the royal had decided to open up about everything from “the role as Crown Princess of Denmark, to child rearing, the joy of nature and being a voice for those who often not being heard” in an upcoming Eurowoman interview.

Mary has been more open than ever in the leadup to her 50th birthday, with a great air of excitement building in Denmark as it approaches.

WATCH: Relive Mary and Frederik’s wedding day. Story continues after video.

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Her milestone celebration will be marked with a number of special events, including two new exhibitions about her life and a gala banquet at Rosenborg Palace.

However, Australian fans of the royal have been disappointed to learn that COVID-19 travel restrictions mean Tasmanian-born Mary won’t be able to return to her home shores for any festivities.

There’s no doubt that she would have loved to spend time with her Australian family for the occasion, however the pandemic makes travel almost impossible for Mary, Frederik and their children.

Instead, Mary’s Australian friends, family and fans will have to send their birthday wishes from afar.

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