The ultimate guide to Princess Kate’s perfect hair

How is it always perfect?
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Let’s talk about Princess Kate Middleton’s hair!

Our favourite brunette can do no wrong in our eyes but throughout the years she’s changed her look more than you think.

Princess Kate is not afraid to try a new up-do, use a heat tool or even a slight recolouring.

She always makes her hair look classy and classic even when the wind effortlessly blows through.

Kate has established herself as a beauty and fashion icon ever since she joined the royal family in 2011.

The question is, how does she keep those gorgeous curls and never have frizz despite the wind? I mean she looks straight out of a Pantene commercial!

Here are a few tips to achieve her effortless curls followed by our favourite hairstyles over the years.

Smoothing Shampoo

Eleven Australia Smooth Me Now Anti-Frizz Shampoo (A$28)

(Credit: Adore Beauty)

The key to any hair styling starts in the shower.

Make sure you are using anti-frizz and smoothing shampoo and conditioner.

A double shampoo can help get a deeper clean in the shower to ensure all product used after the last wash is out.

Also rinsing the water out of your hair before applying the condition ensures that your hair gets the most moisture possible.

Heat protector

GHD bodyguard heat protection spray (A$38)

(Credit: The Iconic)

Everyone, please use a heat protector!

When using hot tools it is extremely important to use a heat protector not only for your hair’s health but also will stop frizz.

Curling Iron

GHD curve® soft curl tong hair curler (A$270)

(Credit: The Iconic)

This curling wand is designed to give the perfect waves with a 35mm barrel.

The curling iron also uses Ultra-zone™ technology to monitor the temperature and adapt to your hair ensuring the optimum styling temperature of 185ºC.

To curl the hair do whatever feels the most comfortable. If you are unsure watch GHD’s video on how to create soft curls with their tong wand.

Stronghold hairspray

Eleven Australia Give Me Hold Flexible Hairspray (A$27)

(Credit: Adore Beauty)

Lock it all in place with a strong hairspray.

The best are ones that easily brush out and hairsprays that have oil for added conditioning to give off that soft look just like Kate Middelton’s hair.

Finishing protective oil

Virtue Labs Healing Oil (A$64)

(Credit: Sephora Australia)

It is extremely important to take care of your hair health by using oils to stop split ends and add extra hydration.

It’s great if you feel as though your hair might have too much crunch from the hairspray.

Just take a very small drop into your hands and scrunch it into your hair before brushing out the curls.

Let’s take a look at how Princess Kate Middleton’s hair has evolved over the years.


The bangs

Kate Middleton’s most recent hair has turned everyone’s head. Her curtain bangs are a statement and we love them!

She’s added more golden highlights and layers to give her hair more depth and volume.

Celebrity hairdresser Andrew Barton revealed, “The fuller lifted fringe area gives lots of volume, with a centre parting and hair flicking away from her face which draws attention to her cheekbones.”



The classic soft curl with a deep side part. It’s not often that she strays away from this look.



Kate is known for her deep chocolate brown hair but that hasn’t stopped her from getting highlights over the years.



One of the most voluminous ponytails you’ve probably ever seen!



She doesn’t shy away from a half up half down look but it always has a twist. This one with a loose bun and flowing loose curls.



This braided bun definitely won’t be the easiest to recreate but save it for your next formal event and we’re sure you’ll turn heads.



This look is more achievable every day. You simply pull back two pieces from each side at the front of the hair and bobby pin them into place towards the back.



This is jaw-dropping perfection from Princess Kate. The most perfect waves shine away with a headband to finish it off.



The natural look! The princess has naturally wavy hair and is not immune to humidity frizz.

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