Princess Beatrice wrote Ellie Goulding some song lyrics via text- and they were exposed on TV!

This royal knows how to write!
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Princess Beatrice may be one of the more prominent members of the royal family, but it turns out she has some writing skills under her belt too.

The 31-year-old eldest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s penmanship was exposed on British comedian Michael McIntyre’s Big Show, when he read through singer Ellie Goulding’s phone.

On his show, Michael McIntyre has a segment called Text To All, where he takes the phone of a celebrity guest and sends the same message to all of their contacts, who in this case was Ellie Goulding, 32, attending the show with her new husband, Casper Jopling.

“This might sound a bit weird but I’m writing a song all about you,” the comedian sent to Ellie’s contacts. “I’d love some help with the lyrics.”

“What do you remember about that unforgettable moment? And if you can make it rhyme even better. Hurry! I’m in the studio right now and my creative juices are flowing lol x,” he finished.

Ellie Goulding attended the show with her new husband, Casper Jopling.

(Image: BBC)

However, Michael was forced to ask “Who’s Beatrice?” when one reply came through, forcing the award-winning singer to reply, “She’s a very good friend of ours.”

But the comic was quick to ask, “She’s in the royal family? She waves on the balcony at Buckingham Palace?” to which Ellie admitted, “Yeah.”

But it was Beatrice’s lyrics that were particularly sweet, and read, “My dearest friend I love so dearly. I feel so lucky, I adore this girl so clearly. From wedding chats to Saturday evening, I adore this lady with every feeling. There truly isn’t a time that our friendship could equal a rhyme.”

What a sweetheart!

Princess Beatrice attended Ellie Goulding’s lavish wedding in May.

(Image: Getty Images)

Ellie even highlighted her embarrassment over the whole ordeal when she uploaded a series of 12 images of her face to her personal Instagram account.

“Which one are you today? I’m 11,” the songstress captioned the post, referring to a photo of herself with her face in her hands.

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Bit embarrassing was it Ellie?

(Image: Instagram @elliegoulding)

Princess Beatrice, along with her younger sister Princess Eugenie and mother Sarah Ferguson, were just some of the high-profile guests at Ellie and Casper’s wedding in August this year.

As a close friend to the royal, she will no doubt be present at Beatrice’s upcoming wedding to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi.

Ellie also has ties to Beatrice’s cousins Prince William and Prince Harry- the singer performed her hit Your Song at the former’s wedding to Duchess Catherine and reportedly dated the latter back in the days when he was an eligible bachelor.

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Princess Beatrice was meant to host an engagement party on December 18, but due to the Jeffrey Epstein scandal surrounding her father, Prince Andrew, it will now be an intimate gathering at a friend’s apartment rather than the glitzy soiree that was planned.

A source told the Mail on Sunday that Beatrice had to change the date of the party, planned to take place at Chiltern Firehouse, because of the likelihood of multiple photographers surrounding the area.

“The venue choice caused alarm among pals concerned it was far too high-profile given the sensitive time her family is going through,” the source explained.

Princess Beatrice’s engagement party was toned down considerably following her father, Prince Andrew’s scandal.

(Image: Getty Images)

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