Prince William and Kate prepare for the consequences of Meghan and Prince Harry’s documentary

Kate and William are ready to fight back!
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When the Duchess of Sussex finally confirmed the existence of a Netflix documentary in August, she insisted to The Cut that it was her chance to tell her “love story”. We should have all known better.

Just three months later, the Sussexes have dropped the first half of their two-part Netflix series that is less the fairytale Meghan hinted at and more a full-scale attack on the family they estranged themselves from in 2020.

“The show has irreversibly widened the rift between them”.

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From the very first trailer, Meghan, 41, and Prince Harry, 38, made it clear that the Prince and Princess of Wales were firmly in their crosshairs, with palace insiders telling Woman’s Day that William and Kate took it as “a declaration of war”.

Once again, the Princess of Wales appears to be a firm target of the duo, with a stern and unflattering image of Kate used to promote the series featured in the trailer.

Until now, sources say the Sussexes attempted to remain coy when it came to talking about Wills and Kate, noting they were obviously saving up for their big moment, via Netflix – and that time has finally arrived.

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“The show has irreversibly widened the rift between the Sussexes and the Waleses,” confirms a source, who insist all hope of a reunion is lost.

Now, we understand William and Kate, both 40, are preparing to tell their side of the story.


“Gone are the days where they followed the Queen in her belief that the palace shouldn’t comment on scandals like this,” says a source, who agrees times have changed.

“William, Catherine and even the King are in agreement that the longer they ignore the Sussexes, the more emboldened they’ll be to sell their stories unchecked. William and Charles very much want to release a statement of their own to set the record straight.”

Despite this, sources have claimed to The Telegraph that William still won’t tolerate others speaking about his bother, despite his ‘anger and sadness’ over the docuseries.

Volume One of the Netflix documentary aired December 8, 2022.

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Woman’s Day understands that Charles, 74, and William had planned to watch the first three episodes of Harry & Meghan: A Netflix Global Event together at the King’s Clarence House offices.

“In Charles’ mind, the only plan of attack was to make sure they are united against this cruel tell-all, along with a push for powers to strip Harry and Meghan’s titles,” says the source.

Charles is said to be actively working with the British parliament on the latter – as the decision ultimately rests in their hands.

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It’s also believed the palace is considering calls to release some of their former staffers from their standard non-disclosure agreements so they can speak for themselves about the couple’s alleged bullying.

Meanwhile, the King has ensured Kate and William feel the full support of the royal family, releasing a statement confirming he, Queen Consort Camilla and several other members will be by their side at the princess’ Christmas carols event on Thursday.

In a sign of more trouble to come, Harry and Meghan are dropping the second three episodes on the same day as Kate’s concert, which seems deliberately ominous.

“Charles wanted to make sure the whole world knows that regardless of what the Sussexes have to say, the House of Windsor sticks together,” says the insider.

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