From wide-legged glory days to skinny jean dreams - Kate Middleton's best style moments in pants

Knees be gone!

There's no denying Kate Middleton is a style icon - just looking at her slew of designer ball gowns, skirt-suits and array of dreamy jackets is proof enough.
But there's another clothing item that Kate rocks like no other, and we really don't see her in it enough: Trousers.
Humble, classic and often very chic, the Duchess of Cambridge wears a trouser like no other - no matter what style it is.
Whether they're flared, cropped, baggy or straight, trousers can be a super chic addition to any outfit, and it's always a real treat to see Kate's take on the versatile style.
From her skinny jean hey-days to her more recent wide-legged outings, we've found all of the Duchess's best moments in the humble pant - and it's guaranteed to provide you with plenty of inspiration.
Keep scrolling as we relive Kate's best moments in glorious pants!
WATCH: Kate greets fans in Cyprus while wearing stunning wide-legged trousers. Gallery begins after video...