Shock Palace announcement: Harry and William to split after decade-long partnership in renowned organisation

The move comes just months after the foursome parted houses.
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In a move that’s shaken royal fans, Princes Harry and William have officially confirmed they will go their separate ways from the Royal Foundation – a long-standing project shared between the brothers.

Prince William will continue to head the charitable organisation alongside his wife Kate Middleton, while Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will set up their own foundation to support causes close to their heart.

The surprise announcement came via Kensington Palace, which released a statement saying: “Later this year The Royal Foundation will become the principal charitable and philanthropic vehicle for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.”

The statement added: “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will establish their own new charitable foundation.”

The organisation, which was established by the royal brothers back in 2009, has provided a platform of incredible charitable work in social causes close to the royals’ hearts.

However, it seems after Harry’s wedding to Meghan last year, a big shift has occurred within the royal family, and the brothers have realigned their goals to be more in line with their wives and immediate family, as opposed to with each other’s wishes.

The statement suggested as much, explaining: “These changes are designed to best complement the work and responsibilities of Their Royal Highnesses as they prepare for their future roles, and to better align their charitable activity with their new households.”

The fab four seem to be cutting all ties.


The unexpected move comes mere months after the Sussex household formally split from William and Kate’s at Kensington Palace.

Harry and Meghan’s team is now based at Buckingham Palace, while the pair also moved houses – a little outside of London in Windsor.

Prince William and Kate’s team remains at Kensington Palace.

Earlier in the week, The Sun reported that Harry and Meghan were “keen to do things their own way”.

Royal commentator Duncan Larcombe told the publication: “It is clear that Meghan and Harry were initially prepared to slot in under the wing of William and Kate but that’s not how they feel a year on.”

He continued: “Harry is going to forge his own path with Meghan. For years, before he met Meghan, he was the royal gooseberry standing behind William and Kate.

“He’s now a full-time working royal with his wife, he wants autonomy as to what he does, how he does it and how she does it, which is a definite change to how it was 12 months ago.”

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The split was first rumoured to be happening earlier in June, when the brothers held an unannounced meeting at Kensington Palace, where it is believed they finalised the details.

Many have questioned whether the split has occurred on good terms between the brothers.

There has been whispers of a brotherly feud which might have started right back when Harry and Meghan announced their engagement to the world.

According to reports, Prince William warned Harry that he might be moving too quickly with Meghan, which many believe “riled” the red-headed royal.

Since then, the rumour mill has been awash with stories of an ongoing fued between the two brothers and their wives.

The Sun’s royal correspondent Emily Andrews said on Twitter that she believed the palace would “spin” the charity split as “future-proofing” both couples.

“But this is the complete opposite to what we were told 15 months ago,” she said.

“It’s clear both couples want to do different things.”

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