Before Sean Connery’s 1962 debut, Prince Philip could have been the first James Bond

The pictures are case in point.
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In his final years, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh backed further and further away from the public eye – but in his hey-day, the husband of Queen Elizabeth the II was a natural in front of the camera.

His death on April 9 2021, aged 99 was saddening for royal fans around the world, but in the midst of mourning, many found every reason to celebrate the vibrant, colourful parts of Philip’s long life.

And one reminder we’re certainly grateful for had everything to do with his flair for style.

Indeed back in the day, before his wedding to then Princess Elizabeth in the 1940s and in the decades following, Philip was no stranger to a cover story or four.

The picture-ready royal was always dressed impeccably, and oozed just the right amount of cool, calm, classy and collected.

From his aviator sunglasses to perfectly fitted tuxedos, the Duke of Edinburgh was handsome as can be – very James Bond-esque if you ask us.

If you’d like the picture proof, keep scrolling as we look at the Prince’s James-Bond-hey-day.



Philip and the then-Princess Elizabeth were the image of young love when they courted back in the 1940s. A royal from Greece, Philip ticked all the traditional royal boxes for a suitor of a To-Be Queen.



Philip and Elizabeth properly met when the future Queen was 13 and Philip was 18. The pair began exchanging letters and in 1946, Philip asked Elizabeth to marry him. Here, the young royals are pictured with the then King of England.



In 1947, the pair were married in Westminster Abbey. There, they began their royal journey together.



Philip served in the navy for a number of years before ending his naval career in 1951.



Ever the stylish royal, Philip’s Commonwealth tour in 1951 included this cool sunglasses moments.



During a visit to Manchester, Philip suited up alongside his wife as they waved to crowds.



Ever the old sport, Philip was a keen polo player. Sweaty, but always classy.



Again with the sunglasses – Philip wasn’t a regular dad, he was a cool dad. Pictured here with Prince Charles.



Even beside the blue-eyed crooner and King of Class Frank Sinatra, Philip was sophisticated as ever.



And even the world’s most glamorous couple, the Kennedys, paled in comparison to the royal couple.



Yes, Philip truly was a style icon in his own right. If only he’d added James Bond to his resume…

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