He was one of the most famous royals in the world, but Prince Philip's most important role was being a dad

The Duke of Edinburgh was dearly loved by his four children.

By Jess Pullar
Prince Philip is a name hundreds, thousands, millions of people across the world will recognise.
He's been a stalwart member of the royal household for longer than many can even remember - having married The Queen 73 years ago.
Throughout, he has been the image of stoicism, support and vibrancy - a much loved face of leadership within the royal fold.
But he's also been much more than that.
While people across the world would flock to get a glimpse of him every once in a while, four children who then became adults in front of that same adoring crowd looked at Philip with just one thing in mind.
Indeed, for Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward, Philip was just dad (or Papa, as they sometimes called him).
He was the first person to give them the best view of the world from sitting atop his shoulders, the first person who'd yelled and cheered for them on the sidelines until his voice went hoarse. He was the first person to tell them to finish eating their greens and everything else (well, we can only assume as much...).
That's why despite living a long, full and vibrant life, the void that Philip leaves in his family is immense.
Beneath the public appearances and formalities, four children grieve the loss of their dad. To remind us of how beautifully close they all were, we look back at some of the sweetest moments Philip shared with his kids, in pictures.

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