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Remembering Prince Philip: Our favourite pictures of the beloved royal from his vibrant, spritely youth

The Duke of Edinburgh sadly passed away on April 9, 2021.

By Jess Pullar
He lived a ripe old life - almost to 100 at that - and as the world mourned his death in April 2021, there were fond memories aplenty to look back and bask in.
From his cheeky asides, his stoic nature and that "take the f##king photo" moment, there's no denying the Duke gave us an incredible amount of laughs over the years.
And that spark and flair for life has been with him all along - dating right back to his youth.
The Palace confirmed his passing on April 9, with a statement explaining: "His Royal Highness passed away peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle.
"The Royal Family join with people around the world in mourning his loss."
And indeed, the Prince had an incredible innings - just three months shy of his 100th birthday in fact.
We take a look back at some of the amazing and rare images of Philip when he was young.
Philip had an unflappable, cheeky nature from the get go. (Getty)
In his teens, Philip sported a mop of bright blonde hair.
Born in Greece, the Queen's right hand man-to-be was sent to the UK 1928 to attend Cheam School, where he lived with his maternal grandmother, Victoria Mountbatten.
Philip had big aspirations. (Getty)
In 1939, Philip completed a full term as a cadet at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth.
He later worked within the royal navy, and was eventually granted the title of sub-lieutenant in 1941.
Philip married Princess Elizabeth in 1947. (Getty)
In 1947, the moment everyone had been waiting for finally came to be.
Prince Philip married Princess Elizabeth in a beautiful ceremony at Westminster Abbey, the very same place we've witnessed several royal weddings since, including that of Prince William and Duchess Catherine's in 2011.
The wedding was recorded and broadcast to 200 million people by the BBC.
Philip and Elizabeth welcomed firstborn son Charles in 1948. (Getty)
Not long after their wedding, Philip and Elizabeth welcomed their first son and heir to the throne Prince Charles.
Soon followed Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.
The Prince was in his element in front of crowds when he was younger. (Getty)
In 1953, we all know what happened next - Queen Elizabeth became the Queen of England, and Prince Philip was by her side.
The pair's bond was unbreakable as she delved into the challenging and encompassing role.
The Prince and his wife were together through it all. (Getty)
And in the years since, we saw the royal couple grow old together.
It's a wonderful thing really, to know that while Elizabeth and Philip would certainly have their ups and downs, they would always, always have each others backs through thick and thin.
Philip and Elizabeth were the ultimate love story. (Getty)
Of course, it was no doubt an unfathomably difficult time for The Queen after losing her husband of 73 years.
And while the royal family will never be the same without Philip - we look back with fondness at how much joy and vibrance Philip brought to the Firm.
May he rest in peace.
Gone, but never, ever forgotten. (Buckingham Palace)

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