Fans are convinced Prince Louis is the spitting image of a close family member – but it’s not William or Charles

Over the weekend, the littlest Cambridge sibling made his first public appearance since 2019.
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When one hasn’t seen a two-year-old for quite some time, it’s natural to be a little baffled by how much they’ve grown up.

The above certainly rings true for little Prince Louis, who made his first public appearance in over a year during the weekend – and yes, suffice to say we were stunned by how much older he looked.

The family stepped out in London on Friday evening to watch a Christmas pantomime performance – and not least was the appearance thrilling enough solely for seeing the Duchess in a gorgeous new outfit and a sense of Christmas spirit so warmly felt.

Indeed, it was the appearance of the entire family themselves that really sent us into various states of joy – engagements attended by all five royals are so rare that naturally, every single detail of it had to be pulled apart bit by bit.

Excuse us as we cry happy tears over the cuteness.


One of the small details fans can’t seem to get past is just how much Prince Louis looks exactly like another royal family member – and nope, it’s not Prince William or Duchess Catherine, and not even Prince Charles.

In fact, the adorable young royal looks to be taking more and more after Kate’s dad, Michael Middleton.

See for yourself in the pictures below.

Do you see it?

(Images: Getty)

There’s no denying the eyes and nose shape are similar – and the two have quite a similar smile as well.

While pics of Michael Middleton at Louis’ age aren’t exactly easy to come by, we guarantee he would have looked pretty darn similar to the two-year-old royal at his age.

Positively uncanny…

(Images: Getty)

This wouldn’t be the first time people have likened the young Prince to his family members.

When he was a teeny tot, his resemblance to Prince George was rather uncanny – right down to their side-swept ‘combover’.

Louis and George’s similarities at the same age were uncanny.

(Images: Getty, The Duchess of Cambridge)

Louis also takes after his dad Prince William.

In his first birthday photo shoot, fans were thrilled to liken it to a similar image of Prince William.

This time it was all in the cheeky grin.

William and Louis also share some uncanny similarities.

(Images: Kensington Royal, The Duchess of Cambridge)

And so continues the usual tradition – Michael Middleton is the latest royal toddler doppelganger – but you can bet there’ll be another not far on the horizon when the next set of pics come out.

Stay tuned…

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