Prince Harry tells King Charles, ‘David’s not your son!’

The King and the footballer are bonding, much to Harry’s horror.
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Prince Harry was once so close to David Beckham that he invited him and his wife Victoria Beckham to his wedding to Meghan.

But the relationship has long since soured, with rumours of a rift over leaked stories, free clothes and David’s friendship with Harry’s estranged brother William, dating back to 2018.

angry prince harry looks on as david beckham and king charles share a laugh
King Charles and David Beckham certainly share a bond. (Image: AAP)


Last week, the latest twist in the tale emerged, with Harry, 39, said to be fuming over the footballer’s cosy new friendship with his father, King Charles, 75.

In a series of photos released to the press, King Charles and David, 49, were seen laughing as they swapped beekeeping tips and announced the British football legend’s new role as ambassador of the King’s Foundation.

An “excited” Becks shared, “I’m particularly looking forward to supporting the Foundation’s education programs and its efforts to ensure young people have greater access to nature.”

And while the King couldn’t be happier, his wayward son isn’t impressed. “Harry’s head has been spinning since he saw those photos. He can’t help but feel jealous – and betrayed.

“David was his friend not so long ago, so it’s a double blow to see him being friendly with his dad and taking an ambassadorship role that should have been for him,” a palace insider spills.

The monarch and David go way back. (Image: Getty)


“Clearly there’s genuine affection between Charles and David but this will deeply upset Harry, who is still smarting over his father’s snub when he was in London just weeks ago.

“It’s almost cruel that Charles has time to hang out with David and play beekeepers, but he can’t meet up with his own son for 15 minutes,” adds the source of Charles’ decision to meet with Becks and not Harry while he was in the UK for the Invictus Games event in May.

“Harry will never be feeling more out of the loop and alone. He and David used to be best friends, so it’s a gut-wrenching reminder of another long-lost friendship.

“To see David so chummy with his dad will feel like a double betrayal to Harry. He considered David a very close friend – he misses him.” 

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