Despite Prince Harry’s pleas, Meghan Markle is determined to celebrate their son’s birthday in the US

Meghan warns Harry Archie's never setting foot in London.
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Not even Prince Harry knows if he will be setting foot on a plane to London’s Heathrow Airport with his son Archie next week.

The 39-year-old father-of-two is scheduled to be celebrating the 10th Invictus Games Anniversary Service on May 8, but friends say he is simply “unable to confirm” if his family will be joining him, despite high hopes that four-year-old Archie might be old enough to travel without his mum, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

“Harry desperately wants to bring Archie with him, but he won’t do it without Meghan’s approval,” says an insider.

“No one ever expected the duchess to come, but Harry was hoping she’ll allow Archie to see his grandfather, considering the terrible circumstances with his health.”

Harry is desperate for his son to spend time with his grandfather. (Image: Getty)


Sources claim King Charles has extended an invitation for his youngest son and Meghan, 42, to see him at his summer residence of Balmoral, which he believes could be the perfect place for the family
to come together and mend their differences.

“Charles is hopeful Harry won’t be alone and will finally bring his grandchildren to see him,” says the insider. “Charles will never give up on a full reconciliation and will always have an open door for Harry, especially Archie and Lilibet. He’s even offered to throw Archie a small party for his fifth birthday. He’s desperate to get to know his two grandchildren.”

The last time Charles, 75, saw Archie in person was in June 2022, when the Sussexes attended the late Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations with then-one-year-old Lilibet.

Since then, the royals have been dealt blow after blow, from the Queen’s death to the recent health struggles of the Princess of Wales, Harry’s aunt Sarah, Duchess of York, and especially the King.

“Harry knows how much it would mean for his dad to see Archie,” adds the insider. “He’s so proud of his children, and now that Archie’s personality is coming out more each day, he wants his dad to enjoy him too. He sees himself, his dad, his mum, even [his brother] William in Archie. He wants to share that with Charles before it’s too late.”

Sources say the big issue for Meghan when going to the UK has always been security.

“Meghan gets all kinds of hate mail from the UK, and there are real concerns for her safety,” adds the insider. “So the very reason why she’s not going is the same reason she’s unlikely to let her only son be put in what she considers to be ‘danger’.

Charles’ summer residence is the perfect place for a restful reunion with the family. (Image: Getty)


“It’s a real shame because she’s disappointing Archie too. Not only does he want to see his grandfather, he’s just as sports mad as his dad and really wants to go to the Games with him – it’s actually one of his birthday wishes! So Meghan isn’t just battling Harry on this.

“And Harry has leverage. The reason he changed his residency was to assure her that any visits to the UK would always be just that: a visit. Also, the fact that Harry missed out on most of Archie’s last birthday for the coronation has made him determined to be there.”

However, friends say UK fans are in for disappointment if they’re hoping to catch a glimpse of young Archie.

“No one expects to see Archie with Harry at LAX next week,” adds the insider. “Meghan’s been planning a birthday party for him that appears to be going ahead regardless of ‘daddy’s work commitments’.”

Meghan is keen for Archie to spend his birthday in LA. (Image: Netflix)

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