Prince Harry and Meghan beg the King: ‘Let us come back’

The coronation left the Prince feeling far from home.
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Prince Harry’s excitement at returning to his home in Montecito for his son Archie’s fourth birthday just hours after his father’s coronation ceremony on May 6 has been short-lived, as friends say “a sense of gloom” has descended upon the Sussex household.

Prince Harry attended the coronation solo, with wife Meghan Markle remaining in California.

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After witnessing the emotional coronation of King Charles III, the 38-year-old prince has been plagued with pages and pages of triumphant post-coronation coverage – the parties, the speeches, the family dinners and photos of his most beloved people in the world. And his inner circle says Harry isn’t just suffering from post-coronation blues. “He’s really struggling with this,” says a close friend.

“He’s been stewing for days now on what he missed out on, and as lovely as it was to tuck a half-asleep Archie in that night, he has painful regrets on his decision to leave the celebrations so quickly. This was a momentous historic occasion that the family have been training for their whole lives, including Harry, and he still can’t believe his role in it was nothing but the absolute bare minimum. There’s no doubt it’s been a bit of a hard pill to swallow.”

Prince Harry’s presence alongside the rest of his family on the Buckingham Palace balcony was noticeably missed.

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According to insiders, the hardest part for Harry, apart from being completely left out, was watching his brother Prince William, 40, take centrestage in his father’s world.

“Originally Harry felt he was being a good dad by racing back for Archie, but now, with hindsight, he’s realising he could’ve given Archie the most unforgettable birthday of his life by allowing him to ride in a carriage behind his Grandpa King!” a friend tells.

“Harry’s reassessing his whole life right now and knows there’s a great opportunity awaiting them back in the UK but instead they’re battling and trying to make it on their own,” says the insider, acknowledging his inner turmoil.

“Nothing makes sense to him any more, and being estranged from both families isn’t helping. He’s considering going to the King and asking him if there’s a way back, but there’s no guessing whether Charles would even consider it at this stage.”

Prince William was also front and centre during the coronation proceedings.

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