Prince Harry and Meghan Markle totally Netflix and Chill

This makes us so happy!
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Harry is said to be completely taken with the Hollywood star... And is ready for the next step!

Putting the Charming into Prince, new reports reveal that our favourite couple are just like us.

Rumour has it that Prince Harry and his girlfriend Meghan Markle are “total homebodies” when they’re at Kensington Palace.

A palace pal chatted to E! News, telling them, “They’ve just been chilling at home.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

We’d find chilling with Harry an excellent way to fill our time…

“There’s always someone watching or trying to get pics when they go out that they’re pretty happy just staying in and doing nothing. They like to cook, watch movies, and that kind of thing,” the source adds.

Megs was at Kensington Palace a hot second ago, and the friend revealed the couple cosied up and watched the adorable Disney flick Moana together.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the Suits actress got the recommendation from her bestie Serena Williams, who has made no secret she loves the film.

Don’t worry guys, it’s not all Disney flicks for the lovers… Harry still knows how to woo his Princess.

Last December we all went nuts when the couple indulged in a romantic date night at the theatre in central London.

Megs and Harry enjoyed a viewing of Peter Pan Goes Wrong at the Apollo Theatre.

After the show, they braved the winter’s night for a stroll around the area to look at the Christmas lights.

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Onlookers fawned over the fact that they dressed in matching beanies and cosy overcoats, holding hands as they were accompanied by a royal protection officer.

“They want to do as many normal things as possible, like any young couple.”

“Harry has said his privacy is important to him but they are clearly not afraid to be seen in public together,” a source told The Sun.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

It looks like Harry has found the one.

And who could forget when the royal went to all the trouble to shutdown the Natural History Museum in London for a romantic night with his girl back in March.

We expect these kind of dates will be a regular occurrence for Miss Markle very soon.

The 35-year-old is set to be gearing up for a move across the Atlantic, making things official with her Prince.

Harry, 32, is in the middle of renovations at Kensington Palace, which should be finished later this year.

“He keeps popping round and asking when it will be ready,” a friend of the royal family dished to the Daily Mail.

“He seems in a real hurry to move in with Meghan.”

Prince Harry gives Meghan Markle a ring

Harry and Meghan went public with their relationship back in September 2016.

The pair started dating last August and have both made many a trip to each other’s international homes.

According to one friend, when Meghan is in London she loves to “cook for him, he pops out to the gym and they’re just enjoying hanging out.”

“Meg has always enjoyed spending time in London, but she’s really putting down roots.”

We’re ready for those roots to involve a sparkler… maybe an emerald one if you catch our drift.

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