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Prince Harry just secretly flew to Toronto to see Meghan Markle

He's determined to make their long-distance love work.

By Bella Brennan
Prince Harry may boast the most hectic, jet-setting schedule in the entire royal family.
But the 32-year-old isn't going to let the his remarkable duty of being a prince get in the way of seeing the woman he loves.
And according to a new report from E! News, Prince Harry recently managed to fit in a clandestine trip to Toronto, Canada to spend time with Meghan Markle before he headed to Malawi in southeastern Africa for a conservation trip.
"They hadn't been together for a while, so it was exciting for both to see each other," a source told the website of his June 17 visit.
"Harry had planned to fly out this time as he felt it was unfair for Meghan to always be the one flying around, and she'd just come back from the U.S," they added.
In fact, the insider says the royal feels right at home in Toronto with Meghan by his side and they pair enjoyed a "relaxed" time together at her home "cooking meals together and eating outside in the garden a lot. It's Meghan's favorite 'room' in the house. She calls it a room because it's the perfect patio space."
Although hanging at home was their preference, Harry and Meghan also snuck in some catch-ups with a few of her friends who have also grown quite close to Harry, the report claims.
"Harry loves being part of her world in Toronto. It's nice getting away from London every now and then - although they both love London, too."
Following his visit to Toronto, Meghan has since jetted to London to be with her man.
Meanwhile a second source tells E! that the Suits actress is willing to move to England but they're not rushing into anything drastic just yet.
"[They're in] an extremely solid and happy place at the moment," the insider says.
"They aren't rushing ahead at a ridiculous speed or making rash decisions. But, yes, they love each other very much and neither could imagine being without the other. They speak about the future a lot, whether it's getting each other's take on future career plans or where they'll be as a couple."
"They talk about living in London - Meghan really sees herself moving, and he really wants that."
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Since Harry's Toronto trip, Meghan was spotted on Sunday evening at Toronto airport with a security guard, bound for Kensington Palace in London.
Friends tell E! she'll be spending time with Harry in London and tending to "other work" while she's there.
Ahh, dating a prince is all so glamorous!
Friends say Meghan would be happy to move to London.

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