Meghan Markle’s REAL first name has been revealed

Well, this is confusing…
Meghan Markle

As an actress, humanitarian and princess-in-waiting, Meghan Markle is undoubtedly one of the most world’s most talked about names. But all this time we’ve been calling her by her middle name…

The 35-year-old’s birth certificate actually reads ‘Rachel Meghan Markle.’

Coincidentally, the much-loved star shares her first name with the character she plays on the popular legal drama Suits — Rachel Zane.

It’s unclear why the brunette beauty chose to adopt her middle name as her first, but we suspect it could have something to do with picking out a catchy stage name — not an uncommon move among the Hollywood set.

However, it does beg the questions: What does boyfriend Prince Harry call her? And upon entering the royal family would it be Princess Meghan? Or Princess Rachel?

Meghan Marke and Prince Harry

In yet another sign that a royal engagement is only a hop, skip and a jump away, Meghan and Harry attended Pippa Middleton’s wedding reception on Saturday evening.

Previous reports suggested that Pippa’s strict ‘no ring, no bring!’ approach to the guest list would likely prevent the actress from attending the wedding, but an exception or slight bending of the rules was allowed for Meghan.

The actress was invited to attend the wedding reception, however, was barred from the actual ceremony. And while this may seem harsh, the unusual concession has been viewed as a significant show of support inside royal circles.

According to reports, doting boyfriend Prince Harry dashed back to London between the ceremony and reception to pick up his American partner, who looked stunning in a chic black gown a white jacket.

“Right now Harry and Meghan are leaning towards not wanting to attract extra attention, especially on a day that’s not about them. It takes the pressure off,” an insider explained to E! News about their low-key approach to the day.

Prince Harry was pictured alongside his brother Prince William before dashing back to London to pick up his long-time girlfriend.

In a bid not to distract too much attention off the bride, Meghan is said to have snuck into the wedding reception.

But such generous accommodations may soon be a thing of the past with fresh reports revealing that Prince Harry has already received the Queen’s approval to marry as required by law.

As the royal is fifth in line to the British throne, law dictates he must get his grandmother’s seal of approval before he asks for the actress’ hand in marriage.

And according to Star magazine, forward-thinking Harry has already done just that.

“The way it’s going, the engagement will probably happen this year. Harry has got approval from the Queen to propose to Meghan, he’s already had those conversations with Her Majesty. An engagement is imminent,” an insider explained to the publication.

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“Harry has always had a good relationship with the Queen and they are an extremely close-knit family,” they added.

While we await an official announcement from Kensington Palace, many punters have put their money on an October proposal when the couple will reportedly jet to Africa for a romantic getaway.

Of course, Africa holds a special place in the former military man’s heart and it served as the perfect escape from the spotlight in the years after Princess Diana’s death.

And let’s not forget that Prince William proposed to Duchess Catherine in Kenya in October, 2010. Could history repeat itself?

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