“We don’t have her number.” Meghan Markle’s acting return will not be in a ‘Suits’ spinoff

Return of her blog 'The Tig'!
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Netflix announced that ‘Suits’ is one of their most watched TV shows with it being the first show they’ve measured that has gotten 3 billion minutes of watch time every single week for 7 weeks in a row.

This could potentially open up a lot of opportunities for Meghan including a higher salary and more lead role offers.

Harry and Meghan have also just bought film adaption rights for a romance novel in partnership with Netflix, this would be the perfect opportunity for Meghan to return to acting. She’d not only be acting for a brand that she does well on but she’d be in control of the story.

7 News has reported that a source claimed the Duchess of Sussex is trying to land a role in the last two movies of Kevin Costner’s four-movie franchise, Horizon: An American Saga, with the first two due for release in 2024.

“Meghan is using the unbelievable new success of her long-cancelled series Suits, which is undergoing a revival on streaming, to convince Kevin she’s the key to his future success — and he’s listening,” the source revealed.

She even went as far as attending a charity event at his estate to convince Costner that she’s the perfect match for the lead female role.

The source claims that Meghan believes “it will cement her Hollywood comeback”.

Meghan was on Suits from 2011 to 2018.

(Credit: Netflix)

This isn’t the only potential comeback for Meghan, she might also relaunch her blog ‘The Tig’ after the Daily Mail the site has been issued with a ‘Notice of Allowance’ document for US Patent and Trademark. November last year she applied the trademark to the site meaning ‘The Tig’ is ready to be run legally now.

She also might be secretly back on Instagram as @meghan!

Fans noticed this account was followed by her friends and previous co-workers including Nobel Prize-winning Malala Yousafzai and now the page has racked up over 100k followers.

This wouldn’t be a surprise – actually a long time coming – as she told The Cut last August “Do you want to know a secret? I’m getting back … on Instagram.”

Regardless, Meghan isn’t a stranger to the screen so here’s a list of shows and films that you might’ve not realised she was in:


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Meghan’s most known role was as Rachel Zane on the hit Netflix show, Suits.

Mike Ross is a genius with a photographic memory and while on the run from a drug deal gone bad, he accidentally slipped into a job interview with one of New York’s best lawyers, Harvey Spencer a cold-blooded shark.

Harvey’s tired of the typical Harvard guard and soon enough Mike and Harvey become the complicated and unexpected dream team.

Her comeback for Suits is looking less likely after the stars had a reunion at the 2024 Golden Globes.

When asked if the Duchess was supposed to be a part of the reunion, her co-star, Gina Torres simply revealed that the cast is no longer in touch with her.

Speaking to Variety, “We don’t have her number. We just don’t. She’ll see, she’ll watch. She’ll be happy that we’re here.”

Dater’s Handbook

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Cas realises she constantly picks the wrong guy and turns to a self-help book called ‘Dater’s Handbook’ for guidance.

She creates a checklist of qualities she needs in a boyfriend, but what happens when reliable George and Fun Robert both make the cut?


A still of Meghan during Anti-Social (2015)

(Credit: RST Pictures)

Meghan plays Kirsten in this film starring alongside Gregg Sulkin and Josh Myers.

The premise is for Dee and Marcus being Anti-Social is a way of life as they try to cheat and confront the system.

Horrible bosses

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One of Meghan’s many cameos this time in the hit comedy Horrible Bosses starring Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Anniston. She’s also had a cameo in Remember Me with Robert Pattinson and A Lot Like Love with Ashton Kutcher.

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