Meghan Markle’s “lovely, gentle” uncle has passed away aged 82, report claims

''He was always happy to be asked about Meghan.''
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Meghan Markle’s uncle, known as Mike Markle, has died according to a new report.

In a statement from “a source”, The Sun claims the 82-year-old passed away after a battle with Parkinson’s disease and suffering several falls.

The publication reported that Mike had never met Prince Harry, but the source said he was “proud” of Meghan.

“He would always stop for a chat to say how proud he was of her even though he didn’t often agree with how she went about things,” they told the publication.

“He would usually just chuckle and say, ‘It’s not every day you have a prince in the family, though, I suppose!'”

Meghan’s uncle Mike has reportedly passed away aged 82.


The source continued: “Mike was a lovely, gentle, softly spoken old man.

“He was always happy to be asked about Meghan, but whenever he spoke to anyone he mainly wanted to talk about his late wife – he loved her so much.”

The 82-year-old had moved to live in a trailer park community after his wife’s passing.

The former diplomat reportedly gave Meghan an internship opportunity in her 28s.


The former diplomat had even helped Meghan a little in her earlier years.

According to the source, Megan was looking to a career in international relations, so Mike secured her an internship as a junior press officer in the American embassy in Argentina.

It’s no secret that Meghan’s relationship with her father, Thomas is strained.

It’s understood Mike was also estranged from Meghan at the same time as her father.

Speaking to The Express last year, Mike sided with Thomas in the ongoing saga, explaining that he wished his brother could meet Meghan and Harry’s son, Archie.

“Tom should be speaking to his daughter and his newest grandson,” he said at the time.

Thomas has been active in speaking out about his daughter publicly.


The death comes as Prince Harry has travelled to London to attend the grand unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue, taking place on what would have been her 60th birthday.

The Prince has left his wife and their two children, Archie and newborn baby girl Lilibet, back in the US, where Meghan is on official maternity leave.

It is unknown if the Duchess of Sussex will publicly comment on her uncle’s death. Given her preference for privacy, we imagine the death will be mourned privately by the 39-year-old.

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