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Duchess Meghan speaks about her "painful" challenge in emotional new documents

The Duchess of Sussex is currently taking out a lawsuit against Associated Newspapers Ltd.

By Jess Pullar
Duchess Meghan's time in the spotlight has been nothing short of turbulent, and her deeply personal sacrifices are commonly known.
One such challenge she's been presented with, and thrust into the limelight to deal with is the demise of the relationship with her father, Thomas Markle, which was splashed across newspapers and magazines for months as she tried to rectify the family matter behind the scenes.
Now, she is taking it to court after a personal letter she wrote to her father was published by The Daily Mail - and as the case continues, more detail into the Duchess' heartbreaking battle has been revealed.
The letter in question was written by Duchess Meghan to her father around the time of her 2018 royal wedding, and contained deeply personal information about the Duchess' relationship with him.
Associated Newspapers Ltd have claimed that Duchess Meghan's private communications secretary, Jason Knauf, had given her feedback before she wrote the letter.
But in response to the claim, Meghan's legal team said she simply shared a draft written in her iPhone notes.
It is claimed Meghan shared a draft of the letter she wrote on her iPhone notes to her private communications secretary, Jason Knauf. (Getty)
The legal document states: "She shared a draft of that draft with her husband and Mr Knauf for support, as this was a deeply painful process that they lived through with her."
"In the course of a discussion between them, Mr Knauf provided feedback on that draft but no actual wording, as this was a personal letter from daughter to father."
The document also reiterated that Knauf provided "general ideas" instead of actual wording.
Meghan has had a turbulent time in front of the media's lens. (Sussex Royal)
In another update from the Duke and Duchess' world, Meghan has admitted to providing personal information via a third party to the authors of the explosive biography Finding Freedom, which was released earlier this year.
The book covers the challenges posed to Harry and Meghan, and their fight for freedom within the royal fold, right up to the moment they formerly stepped back from their senior roles.
According to the new legal documents, Meghan confirmed via a friend with the authors that there was a letter she had written to her dad, Thomas.
In the statement, it claims that the Duchess was "concerned that her father's narrative in the media that she had abandoned him" would appear in the book.
To prevent any further misrepresentation, Meghan "indicated to a person whom she knew had already been approached by the authors" that the above was indeed true.

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