Duchess Meghan cuddles puppies at her first Mayhew animal charity visit

Puppy love indeed!
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We’ve known for some time that Duchess Meghan is an animal lover, and ever since she was announced as the royal patron for pet charity Mayhew, we’ve been waiting to see her with some adorable furry friends.

Royal watchers were able to watch the Duchess of Sussex in action as she visited the animal welfare centre and chatted with the dedicated staff and volunteers.

Duchess Meghan was recently announced as Mayhew’s royal patron. (Image: Getty Images)

The dog-loving duchess had the opportunity to meet some four-legged friends. (Image: Instagram @kensingtonroyal)

Mayhew, which is one of Duchess Meghan’s four recently announced royal patronages, provides veterinary care to animals in need and teaches people about responsible pet ownership.

It also runs a Pet Refuge programme that aims to look after the pets of homeless people and works with numerous homelessness causes in London so that people can stay with their pets in times of crisis.

Not only did she meet the people, but Meghan had the opportunity to cuddle up with some adorable pups including Azzy and Gallis whose owner Wully was a former pet refuge service user and Roobarb who is one of the pooches involved in Mayhew’s dog therapy programme TheraPaws.

One little puppy who caught the royal’s eye was one year old Minnie who recently became available for adoption. According to HELLO!, Duchess Meghan, who is expecting her first child with Prince Harry in late April/early May said, “We can’t take another dog before the baby as our hands are too full!”

Duchess Meghan would have loved to bring Minnie home, but the Sussex home is set to get very crowded soon! (Image: Getty Images)

Duchess Meghan, who is currently six months pregnant and wore a $39 H&M maternity dress, had a near-awkward moment with a volunteer, when one woman, Peggy McEachrom, made a comment that could have been taken the wrong way.

“What a lovely lady you are,” Peggy said. “May God bless you. And you’re a fat lady!” she added, referencing Meghan’s burgeoning baby bump.

But ever the charmer, the Duchess of Sussex laughed it off saying, “I’ll take it!”

Being called fat may sound like an insult, but in some African and Caribbean communities, it is quite the compliment so it’s unlikely that someone would insult a member of the royal family to their face!

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Dogs have always been one of Meghan’s favourite animals. Even in the days when she was Meghan Markle the Suits star, the duchess was a passionate advocate of adopting not shopping when it came to pets.

She was convinced to adopt her dog Bogart by none other than funny lady Ellen DeGeneres and adopted her beagle Guy, who still lives with Meghan and Harry, from Ontario shelter, A Dog’s Dream Rescue.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are also proud owners to a Labrador reportedly named Oz, but during a visit to Sussex last year, Duchess Meghan revealed that their pooch is a girl people keep “getting her name wrong”.

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