Duchess Meghan’s Tongan soiree look is a major throwback to her wedding day

Even down to the very special accessories.
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When Duchess Meghan stepped out in that Stella McCartney white halter neck gown in her second look of her wedding day, we couldn’t get enough of it.

Clearly, the Duchess couldn’t either.

While on her Commonwealth royal tour in Tonga, Meghan stepped out for an evening soiree with her husband Prince Harry on Thursday night, and we couldn’t help but flashback to her wedding day as the royal couple made their way into the ritzy venue.

Wearing a stunning long white gown by designer Theia, Meghan looked the image of bridal perfection.

And to royal fans delight, Meghan was also wearing the same sapphire ring that she wore with her wedding reception dress, which belonged to Princess Diana.

Swipe to see the similarities below!

We were getting all the Greek goddess vibes from the Duchess in the capped-sleeved gown, which included stunning detail with embellishments and embroidery.

And along with Diana’s ring, Meghan also wore a sparkly tennis bracelet gifted to her by her father-in-law Prince Charles – another sweet tribute to her husband’s family.

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The Duchess donned some sparkly accessories along with her Givenchy Black Satin Clutch. (Image: Getty Images)

Meghan’s gown was Grecian inspired. (Image: Getty Images)

The pair joined Tongan dignitaries for the welcome dinner on Thursday evening, with Harry looking dapper in a tuxedo and bow tie.

This isn’t the first time Meghan has worn some particularly special jewellery during this royal tour. On her first official day of their tour in Sydney, Meghan wore some stunning butterfly diamante earrings that had once belonged to Diana.

Diana had worn the same earrings when she and Prince Charles toured Canada in 1986.

On the same day, Meghan also appeared to be wearing on her right wrist a gold bracelet that once belonged to the Princess of Wales and which Diana often sported while performing official duties as well as when she was relaxing with her boys, Prince William and Prince Harry.

Meghan wore a bracelet that reportedly belonged to Princess Diana. (Image: Getty Images)

What’s more, when Meghan and Prince Harry became engaged in November 2017, they chose to reveal that two of the diamonds in Meghan’s engagement ring came from the Princess’s private jewellery collection.

“It’s important to know that she’s a part of this with us,” Meghan said in the joint interview she gave with Prince Harry after their engagement.

It is understood that Princess Diana left many of her jewels to her sons’ who would give them to their future wives.

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Meanwhile, another piece of jewellery Meghan has been wearing during her royal tour of Australia, Fiji and Tonga has been said to have another, rather unexpected meaning.

A crystal expert told The Daily Mail that Meghan’s black onyx necklace she has been seen wearing several times would help to ward off negative energy and help boost her energy for their hectic schedule.

“It’s a powerhouse protection stone, a stone of physical and mental strength and a stone of learning and growth,” she explained.

“This piece is perfect for Meghan right now as it seeks to absorb and transform negative energy and works towards protecting and harnessing our personal energy.”

Meghan’s onyx necklace does more than just look sweet on the Duchess, according to an expert. (Image: Getty Images)

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