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Meghan Markle can't stop holding her baby bump and it's SO adorable

The pregnant Duchess has a new go-to pose and we can't get enough of it!

By Bella Brennan
Meghan Markle mania has officially taken over Australia and the Pacific!
From the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's swoon-worthy PDA, to Meghan's enviable royal tour wardrobe and of course that growing baby bump, these two have managed to pack a lot in since touching down in Australia just last week.
WATCH IN THE PLAYER ABOVE: Meghan Markle lovingly cradles her baby bump on Fraser Island.
While Meghan isn't due to give birth until the UK spring next year, which falls between March, April and May, it's clear the 37-year-old's maternal instincts have well and truly kicked in with many royal watchers pointing out Meghan's new go-to pose: cradling her blossoming baby belly.
Indeed, when she first stepped out last Tuesday in Sydney after sharing her baby news with the world, we must admit we really had to squint our eyes to spot any signs of a royal baby hiding under Megs' chic, white Karen Gee dress.
But a lot can happen in baby growing land with new organs, bones and features developing literally overnight, and in the space of a few short days, the Duchess has popped.
Just a week ago, Meghan's bump was hardly visible.
But when she stepped out in Bondi on October 19th, Meghan's tiny bump was on full display as she proudly placed her hands around it.
Baby bumps traditionally start to show for first-time mums around the 12-16 week mark and Meghan seems to have joined the adorable bump club and is one proud member.
And who can blame Meghan for being excited about her changing body? A bump is the first physical sign to the outside world that a baby is on board and cements the fact to mums-to-be that they're expecting.
The first time the royal started to cradle her belly was during an official appearance in Sydney's Bondi last Friday when she sweetly placed her hand on her striped maxi-dress by Martin Grant.
Since then, Meghan hasn't stopped gently cradling her baby bump.
WATCH: Duchess Meghan bonds with a little girl during the royal tour of Fiji. Post continues after the video...
During a walkabout on Fraser Island on Monday, Megs' loving hand was back on her belly.
Bumping along nicely!
To be honest, if we looked that glowing and gorgeous when up the duff - we'd be showing off our bellies too!
From Fraser Island to Fiji, this royal baby has been feeling the love from mum.
According to body language expert Judi James, Meghan's desire to constantly connect with her unborn baby demonstrates a strong bond between the pair and a keen desire to welcome her first child.
"We all know that Meghan's baby bump is still tiny, about the size of bump most of us would get following a large-ish plate of pasta, so it's especially revealing to see how keen she is to cradle it or hold it on her latest outings in Australia," James revealed to the Mirror Online.
We don't know exactly how far along Meghan is but Aussie singer Missy Higgins, who recently spoke with Meghan at an event, claims Meghan is four months' pregnant.
A hint in blue? On Tuesday, Meghan opted for a stunning SAFiYAA Ginkgo cape gown.
Adding: "The one-hand cupping gesture combines hand-holding and touch with Harry with her new role as an expectant mum. Her public gestures with Harry often suggest a quasi-maternal approach of protection and reassurance and now she looks keen to spread that deeply caring affection to her unborn child.
"When she stands alone she tends to cradle her bump with two hands, which is an even more tender gesture of both pride and affection.
"It suggests she'll be a very tactile and hands-on new mother when the baby is born. When she's not bump-holding, her pregnancy is barely visible so these gestures also suggest her levels of excitement and impatience to have their first child," James concludes.
Yep, baby Sussex is already one seriously adored little prince or princess!
Royal Baby on board: With her husband by her side, her hands were clasped across her stomach again. (All above images: Getty)
(Image: @Vanessariley Twitter)

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