How Meghan Markle reacted to being labelled a “diva” by Mariah Carey

She broke out in a sweat.
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The Duchess of Sussex has been taught a lesson on the meaning of ‘diva’ and star power in a new episode of her Spotify podcast, Archetypes.

Singing legend Mariah Carey labelled Meghan Markle a diva in the latest episode, which sent her into an internal spiral.

Meghan panicked when given the label.

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“You give us diva moments sometimes, Meghan. Don’t even act like…”Mariah said.

“What kind of diva moments do I give you?” Meghan interjected.

The singer justified her commented by mentioning The Duchess’ poise, posture and her clothing choices. Afterwards, Meghan realised that Mariah’s description was a compliment, not a criticism.

Despite the episode’s purpose of diving into how ‘diva’ has been used in a derogative manner, more commonly against women, Meghan admitted she broke out into a “sweat” and questioned what Mariah had heard about her on social media.

The queen diva herself!

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“It was all going swimmingly, I mean really well, until that moment happened, which I don’t know about you but it stopped me in my tracks when she called me a diva,” Meghan commented.

“You couldn’t see me, obviously, but I started to sweat a little bit. I started squirming in my chair in this quiet revolt. Like wait. What? No. What? How could you? That’s not true. Why would you say that?

“My mind genuinely was just spinning with what nonsense she must have read or clicked on to make her say that, and I just kept thinking in that moment was my girl crush coming to a quick demise? Does she actually not see me?

The podcast is released weekly on Spotify.

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“She must have felt my nervous laughter, and you would’ve all heard it too.”

The Duchess admitted to hearing “it as a dig” from the international celebrity but later celebrated the term diva after feeling that she was “reclaiming” the word.

The episode has followed her interview with tennis legend, Serena Williams discussing motherhood in the public eye and balancing careers.

The upcoming episodes will feature actress Mindy Kaling, comedian Amanda Seales, writer Ziwe Furmodoh and numerous more.

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