EXCLUSIVE: Palace insider reveals response to Meghan Markle’s coronation no-show

The coronation saga continues to heat up.
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When news of Prince Harry’s plan to attend his father’s coronation alone broke last week, the question on everyone’s lips was just why his former actress wife, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, who is known to love the spotlight, had decided to snub what will be one of the world’s most historic and photographed events.

As if on cue, the duchess’ friend, author Omid Scobie, was quick to release a statement that Meghan had chosen to stay home in Montecito to celebrate her son Archie’s fourth birthday instead, which also happens to fall on May 6 – the same day his grandfather King Charles III will officially be crowned.

“I understand that Archie’s fourth birthday played a factor in the couple’s decision,” Omid shared, adding that Harry’s trip to the UK would a be a quick one with the 38-year-old duke only set to attend Westminster Abbey before boarding a plane back to his family.

Meghan and Harry have not been seen amongst the royal family since Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral last year.

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However, according to our palace insiders, Meghan, 41, had very little choice in the matter, and in fact, was well aware that the Prince of Wales didn’t want her there.

“Meghan is telling everyone it was her decision to stay behind and spoil Archie on his birthday, but she’s not fooling anyone,” says our source.

“It’s no secret it was William who wasn’t keen for Meghan to attend and he made it known via shared family members – if he’d gotten his way, Harry wouldn’t be there either.”

Not one to like being told what to do, Meghan is said to be deeply upset with her royal in-laws and Harry is taking the brunt of it. “Behind the scenes, she’s upset to be left out because there’s no way on earth she would ever miss out on being part of history,” our insider continues.

“It’s no surprise things are pretty tense right now in California, where Meghan is understandably upset that Harry’s backtracking and leaving her and the kids – on his first-born son’s birthday, too! This outcome is upsetting for someone like Meghan, who likes to be front and centre of everything, but what’s worse is she feels she’s on a different page from Harry.

Meghan will remain in California while Harry attends the coronation solo.

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“He publicly said he wouldn’t go unless he got an apology, but now he’s gone back on his word to her, and she feels like a fool. They had cross words over it and aren’t on good terms. Harry’s hoping she will forgive him before he leaves for the UK but for now, she’s told him to ‘just go’ and be with the family he seems to prefer.”

Meanwhile, Woman’s Day hears members of the royal family breathed a collective sigh of relief when they were informed of Meghan’s decision not to attend the coronation.

“William wants an apology and until then, as the next in line, he has enough sway with his father to make things difficult for Meghan,” says the source.

“The fact it was after the RSVP date was reason enough, but William really doesn’t want to expose Kate to any kind of unnecessary stress and she is grateful to him for that.”

‘William wants an apology and until then, as the next in line, he has enough sway with his father to make things difficult for Meghan.’

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While the rest of the family is reeling at the news Harry’s attending the coronation, King Charles is understood to be “happy” his “darling boy” will be there.

“As much as everyone else is dreading Harry’s attendance, no one could be happier than the King. They had an emotional phone call during which Harry told him the good news that he’d be there and Charles reminded his son that he loves him no matter what,” says our source, adding the 74-year-old monarch was almost brought to tears.

“He is disappointed that Harry won’t be bringing his grandchildren but is glad the ‘will they or won’t they’ ordeal of whether they are attending is finally over. As difficult as it might be, Charles is on a high that he will have both his sons there.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussexes two children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, will not be in attendance.

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Royal insiders says it’s unlikely Meghan will ever attend another official palace event again after skipping out on Charles’ coronation – and that’s music to the Princess of Wales’ ears!

“Ever since she found out about Meghan not coming, Kate has been on a high. It’s literally like a weight’s been lifted off her shoulders, and for the first time she’s so excited about Charles’ big day,” reveals a palace source.

“She was ready to go through hot coals for Charles, even sitting next to Meghan if she had to, but Kate’s been a wreck. She’s lost sleep over it, no doubt fretting over any possible confrontation with Meghan.”

Indeed, last week palace insiders revealed Kate, 41, had described the Queen’s funeral walkabout with Meghan and Harry as “the hardest thing she’d ever had to do”, so she was dreading the coronation.

Our palace source adds, “It was an understatement that the funeral walkabout was tough. Kate was shocked at just how vicious Harry had become towards her and William. The usual veneer of politeness was gone and it made her nervous.

“She’s been dreading round two for some time, so news of Meghan’s no-show was met with a huge sigh of relief.”

The funeral walk was allegedly tougher than it looked.

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Woman’s Day hears Meghan is set to throw Archie a birthday party that will overshadow the coronation.

“She’s planning to upstage Charles by throwing the biggest birthday bash ever and inviting all her Hollywood crew. She’ll stop at nothing to make sure she gets the headlines,” dishes an insider.

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