Everything you need to know about Meghan Markle’s explosive new biography – including the carefully picked authors

Meghan and Harry's whirlwind journey as senior royals is set to be laid out in a telling book, according to a new report.
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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry look set to lay bare their explosive story in a brand-new biography, which will delve into their time as royal family members.

The pair shocked people across the world, including members of the royal family themselves, when they announced they would be stepping back as senior royal family members in January.

Now, it looks like the entire side of their story will be unveiled as the new book brings to light the trials and triumphs the pair encountered through the years as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

According to a new report from the Mail on Sunday, the book, rumoured to be titled Thoroughly Modern Royals: The Real World Of Harry And Meghan, delves into their lives as royals from their personal points of view.

The publication reports that Meghan and Harry gave a direct interview with the book’s two authors, Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, shortly before they relocated to North America.

Meghan and Harry reportedly gave an interview to two renowned royal reporters before they moved to North America.


It is expected that the book will look at the couple’s experience as senior royals from a levelled, albeit positive lens.

Both authors are also not unfamiliar to the regal family’s circles.

In fact, both have been respected royal commentators for some years now.

Scobie in particular has fronted media coverage pertaining to the Sussexes ever since Meghan married Prince Harry in May 2018.

Writing from the UK for Harper’s BAZAAR US and with frequent appearances on Good Morning America, the journalist has made a strong name for himself in producing regular exclusive stories, citing sources close to Meghan and Harry with the latest details on their endeavours.

When Meghan gave birth to baby Archie last year, Omid’s articles about the new parents had minute details no other news outlet seemed to know about.

For example, he was the first to provide an update on Harry and Meghan’s very first night with their newborn son Archie.

In the hours following the birth, Scobie clearly had a close affiliate within the Sussex’s inner circle, who told him that the family had a “peaceful and emotional” first night.

The Sussex pair seem to have carefully selected the authors for their tell-all.


As for Carolyn, the senior journalist has covered the royals for more than 15 years, and currently writes on all things royal for ELLE magazine.

With such a longstanding background in covering all things to do with Britain’s most regal institution, the journalist has garnered herself a solid reputation, which no doubt singled her out as a fitting choice to pen the biography.

Rumours about an explosive tell-all from the two royals, be it in a televised interview or book format, have been rife for months as the pair made the shock decision to step back from their senior roles in January.

Harry and Meghan’s decision was reportedly fast-tracked without the initial knowledge of key members of the royal family (including the Queen herself), which sparked urgent crisis talks between Harry, Prince William, Prince Charles and the reigning Monarch in the weeks following.

The Palace has since come to an agreement with the couple, with a 12 month transition now in action as the couple work towards becoming fully financially independent.

Their recent move to Los Angeles and the announcement of their new foundation name has set a precedent for what’s to come for the couple.

Their overriding charitable organisation Archewell will be at the helm of the multiple patronages and charities they are each affiliated with – and we can no doubt expect more to be added to the list.

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Whether the book will delve into their future as well as simply looking back at their time as senior royals remains to be seen.

Harry and Meghan wouldn’t be the first royals to collaborate with journalists to get their side of the story out. In the early nineties, Princess Diana secretly teamed up with writer Andrew Morton to release Diana, Her True Story – In Her Own Words, which still haunts the royal family to this day.

Billed as the closest thing we’ll ever get to a Princess Diana biography, the British journalist penned the tome from a series of tape recordings which featured Princess Diana pouring her heart out on everything from Charles’ affair with Camilla, her relationship with The Queen and her battle with bulimia.

When the book was first released in 1992, Morton refused to name his source. But now years later, and with the leaked tapes coming to light, we now know Diana was the mastermind behind the whole publication.

When the celebrity biographer first listened to her heartfelt confessions, he was blown away by what he was hearing – and was on high alert.

“From the very moment that I heard that first tape… I was looking over my shoulder and being very watchful and very careful,” Morton told 60 Minutes in 2017.

“It was the most incredible outburst of really inner most pain rage frustration anger, you were swept away with it. It was very compelling.”

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