Keep your eyes peeled! Archie is about to make another appearance – just in time for his first birthday

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It feels like only yesterday Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry welcomed their baby son Archie Harrison to the world.

But the saying rings true – time really does fly, and boy has a year gone by quick-smart in the case of Master Archie.

And now, he’s about to mark his first lap around the sun with a very special appearance.

As the young royal gears up to celebrate his first birthday next week on the 6th of May, a spokesperson for the couple have confirmed we’ll be seeing a brand-new picture to mark the occasion.

“You can expect to see him,” the spokesperson confirmed to the Sunday Times.

And now, the question on everyone’s minds is a simple one – where and when do we tune in?

Can you believe it’s almost been a year since baby Archie was born?


The question is a little tricky to navigate.

Last month, the Duke and Duchess suspended their official Instagram account, Sussex Royal, as they commenced their new life outside of their roles as senior royals.

The platform was usually their go-to for all major updates – indeed you might remember that not-so-small: “It’s a Boy!” announcement a year ago, along with that historic image of the baby with great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II and grandmother Doria Ragland, as well as great-grandfather Prince Philip and his two parents as his name was announced.

As the royal bub marks his next big milestone, there’s no suggestion that the pair will take to the platform again, but in this post-senior royal climate, anything is possible.

As for timings, expect to see the image drop at any time either the evening before the 6th (the Cambridge family are renowned for sharing their children’s birthday photoshoots late the night before their birthday), or on the day itself.

Take note though – with Harry and Meghan now living in Los Angeles, they’ll be almost an entire day behind us in Australia – so perhaps mark out May 5 and 6 as a glorious day of Archie viewing.

The young royal made another appearance in September 2019 during Harry and Meghan’s African tour.


This will mark the very first time we’ve seen Archie in a public capacity since December 2019, when the pair shared two new images of their son.

In their annual Christmas card photo, baby Archie was seen staring curiously into a camera as his parents laughed behind him.

And in another sweet image, a picture of Harry and Archie in Canada together also went viral around the same time as the pair included the snap in their round up of 2019, shared via Instagram.

Watch the full clip below:

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So now, as we wait for our next Archie update, we have just one more thing to ponder – which parent will he look most like?

With a friend revealing last year that the young royal was growing “tufts” of red hair and with those unmistakable doe eyes, many might cite Harry’s genes as the strongest in this one.

That said, babies are renowned for their appearances changing and adapting constantly – so perhaps we’ll get a clear cut mirror image of Meghan this time around.

Stay tuned…

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