Has King Charles finally responded to Prince Harry’s numerous allegations?

How long can this feud go on for?
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Nothing could have prepared King Charles and the Prince of Wales for just how far Harry would go in his book, Spare.

Not one family member was safe from bitter Harry, 38, who volleyed vicious accusations and revealed personal details about everyone from the King’s wife, Queen Consort Camilla, to Prince William’s seven-year-old daughter, Princess Charlotte.

Has Prince Harry ruined his relationship with his father?

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Harry also leaked a tense text conversation between his then bride-to-be Meghan and sister-in-law Catherine, both now 41, in which the princess explains that Charlotte burst into tears over her bridesmaid’s dress for the Sussex wedding.


It’s this private conversation that has sent the royal family over the edge and has them firing up for a nasty lawsuit.

“William is so angry about this – and the fact that his innocent daughter has been named as part of it – that he’s told his father he wants to take Harry to the cleaners over such a horrible breach of privacy.

“He’s furious that Harry is dragging his whole family’s reputation through the mud.”

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“He’s furious that Harry is dragging his whole family’s reputation through the mud, as well as putting the future of the monarchy at risk. He wouldn’t care if a court case like this cost him $10 million – he’d do anything to protect them.”

Charles, who until Spare was released had encouraged calm and forgiveness from his 40-year-old heir, “is now only dealing with Harry via his lawyers,” says a source.

It’s been reported Charles and William’s aides have set up a “war room” at Buckingham Palace to deal with whatever allegations Harry has made.

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But with Harry discussing conversations they’ve had in private, there’s fear that any legal documents they fire off will easily become part of his next “truth-telling” mission.

Indeed, when US shows 60 Minutes and Good Morning America approached the royals for comment, their lawyers responded, saying they’d need to see Harry’s comments in context before issuing any sort of reply. Their response was then aired live on TV.

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