King Charles used his coronation portrait as his Christmas card

King Charles loves reusing a photo from an event!
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King Charles revealed his 2023 Christmas card and we are convinced he will never take a new photo for the card.

For the second year, they’ve used a photo taken previously at a different event in comparison to Prince William’s new original card every year.

King Charles and Queen Camilla’s Christmas card 2023.

(Credit: Instagram)

King Charles marked his first Christmas as monarch and without his beloved mother, the late Queen Elizabeth last year, sharing his official Christmas card for the year on the official royal family social media.

Sharing an image of the card with the royal family’s 13.1m followers, Charles wrote ”We’re pleased to share this year’s Christmas Card from The King and The Queen Consort.

Inside the card, is a picture of King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla, taken at the Braemar Games in September 2022, just five days before the former monarch passed away peacefully at her estate in Balmoral on September 8th.

Simple yet effective…

(IMAGE: Instagram/Samir Hussein)

A simple message, printed in red, was placed on the left of the card reading ”Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and New Year.”

Whilst plain in nature, the festive well wishes were applauded by royal fans who flooded the comments of the Instagram post.

”Just a lovely choice. King Charles and Queen Camilla are doing an awesome job and have been doing it for many years now. Very proud of them. The Royal Family stands united and strong. They hold their heads high and get on with the job. So very proud of them,” one commentator wrote.

But the positive reaction was hand in hand with naysayers who took to the comment section and unloaded on Camilla.

The Christmas card has recieved mixed reactions.

(Credit: Getty)

”Camilla? No thanks!” one wrote.

”She doesn’t belong there, she will never be a queen,” said another.

”Keep the card closed, I don’t want to see the woman who ruined a marriage,” an additional commentator wrote, receiving thousands of likes.

Following the criticisms, comments on the Instagram account were limited.

Charles has some big shoes to fill…

(IMAGE: Getty)

Taking to his own Instagram, royal photographer Samir Hussein wrote about the tremendous honour of having his photograph featured in a royal Christmas card for the second time in a row.

”Really proud that my photo has been selected as the King and Queen Consort’s Christmas card for a second consecutive year,” Sam shared.

Despite his achievement, critics were quick to flood Sam’s comments as well.

”Your subjects are the reasons Diana is dead,” one commentator wrote.

It remains to be seen what subjects will be touched up during our new monarch’s inaugural Christmas address, an annual tradition (and Christmas day highlight) that Queen Elizabeth has broadcast (first live on radio then on television) since her ascension to the throne in 1952.

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