Kate Middleton showed compassion for Mila when the four-year-old was diagnosed with cancer – now she’s returning the favour

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She’s the little girl from Scotland who inspired the world with her courageous fight to beat leukaemia, and in the process captured Kate Middleton‘s heart and forged a beautiful friendship with the princess.

Mila Sneddon was just four years old when she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in 2019, and endured more than 900 procedures before going into remission two years ago.

Kate donned a pink dress to match her special visitor, Mila, in 2021. (Image: Getty)

When her mum Lynda, 40, posted a heartbreaking image on Facebook of Mila kissing her dad Scott, 54, through a window during the pandemic lockdown in the UK, it went viral and was included in an exhibition launched by Kate.

The little girl was separated from her dad for months during her treatment after Scott and Lynda took the difficult decision to live in separate households a week before lockdown because he was working and potentially exposed to the virus.

The youngster has endured more than 900 procedures. (Image: Getty)


The image was also posted on Kate’s Instagram account, with the royal mum-of-three so touched by the family’s ordeal, that she organised a Zoom call to cheer Mila up, promising that they would one day meet and wear their pink dresses together.

When they did finally meet at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Scotland two years later, the youngster was beaming with delight to find that Kate had indeed worn a matching pink dress, even if she was missing the glittering tiara Mila also wore!

“I love your dress! Can you give it a twirl?” asked Kate, who also later invited Mila, who now calls Kate her “bestie”, to read a prayer at her Together At Christmas concert at Westminster Abbey later that same year.

The Wales clan organised to meet Mila and family in Scotland. (Image: Getty)


“You will be brave because I was and you will fight like I did,” Mila, who is now eight, urged the princess last week, with her mum revealing that her daughter also planned to make and send Kate a card.

Lynda says after meeting Kate it was clear that “the incredibly and engaging” princess was a “wife and mother first”, and posted a tribute to Kate on social media after the princess revealed her own cancer battle.

“We are deeply saddened hearing the news about Catherine. A kind, caring soul who has always championed Mila both during and after her treatment. Mila is equally sad to hear this news and
will reach out privately in her own way,” she says.

“Kate showed Mila such compassion, care and support both during and post treatment, so it’s been very emotional to see she is now facing her own health struggles. We have nothing but admiration for her.”

With her big sister Jodi. (Image: Getty)

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