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Is the Danish royal family related to other royal families?

Queen Margrethe is related to Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.
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The current Danish royal family’s heritage dates all the way back to Gorm the Old, who died in 958 and is one of the oldest monarchies in the world.

They are steeped in tradition and maintaining power with the crown, although they’ve since decided a slimmer monarchy is better. Queen Victoria has ensured that her descendants are royals all across Europe.

Queen Victoria has made the Danish royal family related to many other royals all over Europe.

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How is Queen Margrethe related to Queen Victoria?

Queen Victoria is the ‘grandmother of Europe’ and her lineage is still ruling today.

Queen Victoria gave birth to nine children over 17 years which gave her 42 grandchildren to continue her legacy.

Queen Victoria’s son Prince Arther had a daughter, Princess Margaret who had Ingrid who married King Frederik XI of Denmark. Together they had Queen Margrethe.

how are Queen Elizabeth and Queen Margrethe related?

Since Queen Victoria and Queen Margrethe are related that makes the late Queen Elizabeth II and Margrethe distantly related via both Queen Victoria of England and her third cousin King Christian IX of Denmark.

King Christian unsuccessfully asked for Victoria’s hand in marriage but they were still in fact cousins.

Elizabeth and Margrethe had an extremely close relationship over the years, with Margrethe always boasting about how much she looked up to The late Queen of England over the years.

“The way she has faced her duties, the way she is dedicated but also that she does it with a smile.” Queen Margrethe shared about her friend Queen Elizabeth.

It is known that the ones closest to Queen Margrethe referred to her as ‘Daisy’ including Elizabeth and in return, Margrethe called her ‘Lilibet’.

Queen Margrethe and Queen Elizabeth were not only close friends, they were distantly related.

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Is Prince Philip related to Queen Margrethe of Denmark?

Prince Phillip was born Prince of Greece and Denmark making him and Margrethe cousins through Queen Victoria and her Danish ancestor.

Not only their ancestry but they were also related through marriage.

His great-nephew, now-deposed King Constantine II of Greece married Queen Margrethe’s younger sister Anne Marie.

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