The real story of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement revealed

In the Harry & Meghan docuseries we were given new intimate photos and details about the engagement
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When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement in November 2017, the world couldn’t get enough of the unlikely love story between the beloved royal and the Canadian actress.

We wanted all the details, and to be fair, we did get a lot. We were told that Harry asked the Queen’s permission, that he popped the question at the cottage the couple were living at, we were even privy to the fact that they were roasting chicken the night of the proposal!

But we didn’t get to see any photos of the actual moment Harry got down on one knee… until now.

In episode two of Netflix docuseries *Harry & Meghan*, the couple re-told their proposal story, alongside sharing two new images from the night, which showed just how intimate the moment was.

They took this selfie with their dog on the night of their engagement

(IMAGE: Netflix)

Not only do we see a selfie of the two plus their four-legged friend, we’re also shown a shot of the actual moment Harry got down on one knee!

Plus Harry revealed he decorated the garden with 15 electric candles prior to proposing.

We’re also shown a candid clip of Meghan whispering down the phone to her friend: ‘Oh my god Jess. It’s happening. He told me not to peek.’

A blurry shot of Harry down on one knee with the engagement ring box in hand

(IMAGE: Netflix)

But the new information doesn’t stop there. The documentary goes on to tell us how they celebrated – with a ‘secret’ onesie-themed party.

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Lucy Fraser, a friend of the pair who is featured in the episode, revealed that the newly-engaged couple attended the party matching onesies.

“Everyone was dressed in animal onesies,” Fraser said. “And Meg and Harry were in matching penguin onesies because penguins mate for life, and they were so sweet. And we had so much fun.”

In episode three the engagement was brought up again, but this time the couple weren’t smiling as they addressed what Meghan said was an ‘orchestrated reality show’ when announcing their engagement to the world.

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