Duchess Catherine reveals Princess Charlotte’s naughty side

Turns out the littlest royal may not be as angelic as she looks...
Queen Elizabeth Duchess Catherine Princess Charlotte

Little princess? More like little madam! Duchess Catherine has revealed that her daughter Princess Charlotte’s sweet, adorable looks can be deceiving… she’s actually a feisty one!

The Duchess of Cambridge uncovered the royal secret to a group of guests at the Guildhall reception after the National Service of Thanksgiving for Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday at St Paul’s Cathedral.

Guests couldn’t help but remark at what a gorgeously angelic little baby Princess Charlotte was, only to have Kate set the record straight.

“As a mum myself,” said Glynis Double, wife of the city’s Remembrancer, aka head of protocol, “I asked her about her children and said what a pretty little thing we all thought Princess Charlotte was.”

Charlotte’s not as sweet as she looks, according to Kate!

Looks like even Prince George can’t believe how “feisty” his sister is.

“She said: ‘Oh she is very cute, but she has got quite a feisty side!’

And while it was initially thought that a royal princess would help temper boisterous young Prince George, it seems like things are the other way around.

Little Charlotte isn’t too keen on the crowd noise!

Queen Elizabeth II arrives at the Trooping the Colour celebration, with Prince Philip by her side.

“I then asked her about George,” Glynis continued. “She said he was a really lovely little boy.

“She said she hopes that George will keep Charlotte in order!”

Meanwhile all eyes were on the littlest royals over the weekend, with the pair stealing the show at the Queen’s Trooping the Colour parade.

Wanna see Princess Charlotte steal the show at Trooping the Colour? We thought so! Post continues below…

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Charlotte made her first official balcony appearance to watch the festivities, much to the delight of the adoring crowds.

While the little Princess clung to her 34-year-old mother (even covering her delicate ears when noisy planes flew overhead), George was keen to get in on the action, pointing with delight at the spectacle.

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