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Prince Harry comes home without Meghan Markle

''He wants a face-to-face with his father to try and defuse the situation''
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As palace officials confirm that the royal family are “exploring all options”, including taking legal action over the shocking naming of two very senior members as “royal racists”, insiders say Prince Harry is desperate to return to the UK to make amends with his family.

“Harry knows it’s bad and he wants a face-to-face with his father to try and defuse the situation. This whole nightmare has been a huge wake-up call for Harry and he knows he needs to come home and talk to his family,” a palace insider tells Woman’s Day.

“Harry has honestly not been prepared for how it’s all unfolded and he feels like things have gone way too far and he doesn’t know what to do.”

Last week British broadcaster Piers Morgan named two senior royals who took part in conversations about Prince Archie’s skin colour before his birth, after the Dutch version of Omid Scobie’s new book Endgame, which has since been pulled from shelves, “accidentally” revealed them.

The alleged discussions about the baby’s skin colour first came up in Meghan and Harry’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, when the couple alleged there had been conversations before his birth about “how dark” Archie’s skin would be.

According to sources, Charles, 75, has been left feeling utterly saddened by the latest claims and feels like his already fragile relationship with Harry, 39, and Meghan, 42, has taken yet another hit and is refusing to take his son’s phone calls.

“Harry’s being completely ‘ghosted’ by them all and he’s beginning to realise he and Meghan may have finally crossed the line with his father. He’s convinced the only way to stop things from getting out of hand is to literally turn up on their doorstep,” says a source.

“Meghan thinks he’s a fool and it will only end up being another public humiliation at the hand of the royals. She knows she can’t stop him, but she has no interest at all in joining him. She doesn’t seem to understand the gravity of the situation and it’s incredibly frustrating for Harry, who’s beginning to worry they’ll never see eye to eye about his family.”

Last week Charles flew home from the COP28 summit in Dubai to stage emergency talks with Prince William to discuss how to tackle the racism row that has engulfed the family since the release of the book, with palace sources revealing they’re taking their time to find a solution.

“Decisions [will be] made with care and time and professionalism rather than rushed over a weekend.”

The source adds, “Harry knows he’s got no time to waste, not with the cold silence coming from across the pond. He’s got to act now if he wants any chance of ever being forgiven by his family. He’s willing to set aside his issues to try and come to some kind of peace treaty. Even he knows things have gone WAY too far.”

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