Neighbours spoilers: Mike finally pops the question to a shocked Jane

On bended knee.
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After a tumultuous week of mixed signals from Jane, Mike finally plucks up the courage to pop the question to his soulmate in London.

In Neighbours this week, Mike’s (Guy Pearce) perfect proposal is nearly destroyed when Jane (Annie Jones) learns a property developer is interested in buying Erinsborough High for redevelopment.

Will Jane say yes?

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“Jane’s been so preoccupied, firstly because of her jet lag, but then when she gets news of the school potentially closing, it’s all she can think about,” Annie, 56, tells TV WEEK. “Her love for the school is immense.

“Its loss would be devastating for the students and, of course, both she and Mike work there.”

Disheartened, Mike makes a drastic choice to throw away the ring. Oh, no!

But breathe easy, fans – Mike realises he isn’t ready to give up and scrambles to retrieve the ring. Ultimately, the time comes for Mike to get down on bended knee and ask his question. But will Jane say yes?

“Jane has no idea about anything,” Annie reveals. “She’s completely flabbergasted when Mike proposes. She doesn’t expect it at all.”

With the future of the school up in the air, will Jane leave Mike hanging in the UK and return home to Erinsborough to save it?

Missed what happened last week with Mike and Jane in Neighbours? Continue reading for a refresher.

Jane and Mike reunite in London in Neighbours this week, with the former flames having mixed reactions on finally catching up.

Kept apart for years thanks to the COVID pandemic, the couple were hoping for a passionate embrace, but Jane (Annie Jones) seems distracted and is struggling to be present.

“Jane is loving being in London with Mike,” Annie, 56, assures TV WEEK.

“Although she has suffered from jet lag badly, she’s loving getting the chance to show Mike the sights from her years living in the UK – but it does bring back mixed emotions for her.”

Is it really jet lag that’s taking a toll on Jane or are these mixed emotions making her have second thoughts about her relationship with Mike (Guy Pearce)?

Mike, being super excited to see Jane, has planned a romantic road trip as a part of their holiday. With Jane growing increasingly disinterested and vacant, Mike starts to worry that something might be off, and isn’t sure what to do.

Annie says that while Jane is “head over heels” for Mike and believes their relationship is “solid after two years of living in Erinsborough together”, Mike is rattled by Jane’s strange behaviour.

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Little does Jane know, Mike has something else planned for their trip – but will it be ruined by the growing tension and their inability to connect?

“Jane has no idea what he’s up to,” Annie explains. “You just never know what’s going to happen next.

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