Neighbours spoilers: A shock kiss and a beautiful wedding

Neighbours is premiering with a bang!
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There’s a new woman in Erinsborough on Neighbours this week, Reece Sinclair, and the wealthy US-based part-owner of Lassiters Hotel has turned the head of one local in particular.

Lassiters worker Byron (Xavier Molyneux) has found himself enamoured with Reece (Mischa Barton). And although he risks losing his job by following his heart, it doesn’t stop things becoming steamy between them.

Byron is risking his job by kissing Reece.

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“Reece has been so swept up in the family name and everything about work that she’s just trying to enjoy her time and new relationship in Australia,” Mischa, 37, tells TV WEEK.

Mischa, famous for playing Marissa Cooper in hit teen drama The OC, brings a Hollywood edge to the new series of Neighbours and is leaving her mark on Australia in the process.

“Jackie Woodburne [who plays Susan Kennedy] told me, ‘This [role] will be so fun for you, because you’re leaving behind a legacy,'” Mischa says.

Kissing Reece is a risk Byron is willing to take!

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Reece finds herself at odds with Lassiters staffer Holly (Lucinda Armstrong Hall) when she isn’t pleased with Holly’s lax attitude and boundary-crossing habits.

Reece faces further confrontation when her passionate dealings with Byron leads him to want to learn more about her. When she’s reluctant to share details, he grows suspicious.

Reece’s motives for being in Australia might not be what anyone thinks!

Are Mike and Jane set to wed?

Viewers were glued to Mike and Jane’s reignited relationship last year in what everyone presumed to be the final episodes of Neighbours. Now they’re back, but what does the future hold for these former lovebirds?

“It was a great honour to have been such a big part of the finale,” Annie Jones, 56, who plays Jane, tells TV WEEK.

The couple were chatting over FaceTime.

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“Guy [Pearce] was a bit nervous, because he hadn’t played Mike for a million years, but as soon as he put on the leather jacket and we started running lines, it all came back.”

Jane and Mike are still together but have been separated by the COVID pandemic.

While chatting over FaceTime, the couple are excited about their upcoming reunion and spontaneous holiday in the UK, with Mike later divulging to his daughter Sam (Henrietta Graham) that he has “a plan”.

With Network 10 teasing a surprise wedding in the show, could Jane and Mike be the couple walking down the aisle?

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