Neighbours spoilers: Why has Melanie been locked up?

Mel is in hell.
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Ashocking confession has landed Melanie in prison, where she anxiously awaits her fate, but what exactly has she done?

When Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) – Toadie’s (Ryan Moloney) ex-wife who abruptly left two years ago – returned to Ramsay Street unexpectedly in Neighbours recently, he and his new bride Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) were none too pleased.

What has Melanie done?

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The only one who was happy to see her was Toadie’s daughter Nell (Ayisha Salem-Towner), who’d missed her stepmother desperately and had worked hard to try to track her down.

The teenager hadn’t warmed to Terese and longed for the family unit as it used to be. To try to achieve that, Nell went looking for Melanie, going behind her father’s back, skipping school – and, in her efforts, inadvertently putting herself in harm’s way.

When Nell suddenly couldn’t be found and didn’t answer her phone, Toadie feared the worst. A search party was formed to find the youngster, with the authorities brought it to assist.

Melanie’s past has caught up with her.

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“Toadie was disappointed by Nell’s actions, but he understands it’s been hard for her,” Ryan, 43, tells TV WEEK. “Melanie was like a mother to her and she misses that relationship. Nell is confused and heartbroken she left.”

Now Melanie is back, her past has caught up with her. Could this be why Toadie wanted her to be as far away from Nell as possible all along?

“After all the revelations that have come to light, Toadie believes a relationship with Melanie will only bring Nell more hurt,” Ryan says.

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Although Toadie only wants to keep Nell safe, being so firm in his parenting could push away his daughter further and encourage her secrecy.

What misdeed has landed Melanie behind bars? And is it so unforgivable that not even young Nell – the only reason she’s returned to Erinsborough – will want to see her again?

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