He’s single! Home and Away’s Matt Evans shares the truth about being unlucky in love

''There is nobody on the horizon at the moment.''
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Home and Away’s Matt Evans looks like he would be a heartbreaker with his famous pout and sharp jaw.

However according to the 25-year-old actor, that simply isn’t the case.

Australia first met Matt on The Voice Australia.

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Matt, who plays Theo Poulos on the hit Aussie soap, spoke to The Daily Telegraph about launching his music career, and when asked about his desire to pen love songs, he admitted that he struggles in that department.

“I do write a lot of love songs, which is funny because I haven’t had many girlfriends and I don’t really fall in love very easy,” Matt admitted to the publication, before confirming he is single and will likely remain so for a while.

“There is nobody on the horizon at the moment,” he said.

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Matt joined Home and Away in September 2021 after competing on The Voice in 2020.

Now that he has found his stride on Summer Bay, the actor is keen to put his music out there. In fact, fans can listen to his songs during upcoming episodes!

“That is super exciting for me because it is really nice to have both of the worlds combine,” he said.

“It has been hard almost letting go of music by just doing the acting for a while, so it is really nice to be able to do both.”

Matt plays bad boy Theo Poulos on Home and Away.

(Image: Seven)

Even though he only made it into the top 20 under Delta Goodrem’s wing, Matt clearly managed to impress fans and producers alike during his time on The Voice.

Last year, the performer was interviewed by The Daily Telegraph ahead of his Home and Away debut, explaining: “I went in there with a clean slate and I am learning so much day-by-day,” he told the publication.

“It is crazy how much I’ve learnt. It is like getting paid to go to school. My first day in the studio, I kind of had a bit of a freak out because it’s just a lot of people around and I didn’t know what I was doing. I’m just trying to learn on the job.”

“It has been hard almost letting go of music by just doing the acting for a while.”

(Image: Instagram)

Matt may think he’s unlucky in love, but perhaps he has bigger fish to fry with an up-and-coming career and all that comes with solidifying one’s place in show business.

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