In 2007, Lincoln Lewis entered our lives on Home and Away – we haven’t stopped thinking about it since

If you weren't crushing on Geoff Campbell did you really live in the 2000s?
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It was the introduction that left thousands of viewers a little breathless, maybe a bit curious, and definitely keen for more.

Lincoln Lewis didn’t so much as explode onto Australian screens as he did gently canter into the limelight as the pure, innocent Geoff Campbell on Home and Away in 2007.

Yes, Geoff had very humble beginnings on the Aussie soap – he and his little sister Annie were quiet farm kids, having spent their lives being home schooled by their very religious uncle.

Geoff and Annie’s story began a little strangely for some (but by Home and Away‘s standards, incredibly normally). They found Summer Bay local Martha sleeping in their rural barn. Geoff offered to drive her back to the Bay, where he and Annie stopped at The Diner for a milkshake.

The rest, as they say, was history.

While Geoff’s time in Summer Bay sadly came to an end in 2010, actor Lincoln Lewis remains in the limelight – especially now that he’s been named in the All Star cast of Dancing With The Stars*.

So to celebrate his glorious television legacy and what’s still to come, we take a look back at Lincoln, AKA Geoff’s humble beginnings in Summer Bay.

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Geoff Annie

Geoff and Annie (played by Charlotte Best) grew up on their uncle’s quiet rural farm, where they were home schooled under his stern watch.

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Sally, Annie, Geoff

But when the teens arrived in Summer Bay one day, they immediately caught the attention of the maternal Sally (Kate Ritchie). She was keen to help Geoff and Annie grow up like normal teens, away from the confines of their strict uncle.

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Eventually, Geoff and Annie found out their parents, who had died in a car crash when they were young, had wanted them to go to a normal school, though their uncle had hid that very important piece of information from them. Luckily, the teens won in the end, and finally started schooling at Summer Bay High.

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Geoff caused a stir as soon as he began settling in. A keen (and fairly decent) rugby player, he stood out from the crowd in good and bad ways. A few of his teammates were intimidated in the early days.

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Geoff Aden

Quickly, Geoff struck up an on-off friendship with fellow schoolmate Aden Jefferies (played by Todd Lasance). The pair clashed numerous times be it over a scuffle on the footy field or when they later worked together on a prawn trawler.

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Geoff Aden

Of course, the pair had their good moments too, sometimes sticking up for one another when the going got tough. Speaking about acting with Todd, Lincoln said he loved “amping up” their scenes together to escalate their feud.

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geoff nicole

And of course, we can’t forget his relationship with Nicole (played by Tessa James). While Geoff was originally romantically involved with Melody (played by Celeste Dodwell), it was clear Geoff and Nicole were a much better match. Tessa previously said the pair shared a “fiery” connection after going through some trying times synonymous with Summer Bay’s dramatic narratives.

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Geoff Nicole

One of the bigger turmoils suffered together was when Geoff and Nicole were dumped at sea by the evil Elliot, who wanted revenge against Nicole’s father. The pair were forced to survive on a deserted island, attempting to find food and shelter to stay alive. They were eventually rescued.

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Geoff Irene

While there were some twists and turns between them, Geoff and Irene struck a beautiful relationship – Irene became somewhat of a mother figure to him and his sister Annie throughout his time in Summer Bay.

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Eventually, Geoff’s religious roots reigned surpreme. His relationship with Nicole long over, and his next one with Ruby (played by Rebecca Breeds) also finished, he left The Bay in 2010 with dreams to work as a missionary. Of course, that’s a very open-ended departure – technically Geoff is still out there in the parallel universe of Summer Bay. We’ll await a possible return with hope…

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Lincoln Lewis and Todd Lasance share scenes on Home and Away

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